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Midnight Mania! Mike Perry still has 20 ‘last minute’ pounds to cut

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UFC Fight Night: Poirier v Hooker Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Mike Perry’s approach to being a professional fighter is far from the standard route. After all, this is a man who’s jumped ship from various fight teams numerous times, and he’d prefer to save five percent of his fight purse than employ an actual trained corner.

His unique approach applies to weight cutting as well. When asked about the remainder of his cut, Perry explained that he’s waiting to cut 20 pounds for his Welterweight contest at the “last minute,” presumably late Thursday night/early Friday morning directly before the official weigh-ins.

“It is what it is,” Perry explained. “I have to be on weight on Friday morning. Over the years, I’ve done it a little early, because I didn’t want to do it last minute. Since I understand the process more, I can wait. So, I still have like 20 [pounds] that I’m going to plan on cutting last minute.”

When asked if he was concerned about the fast approaching cut, Perry answered, “I understand hard work. So, it’s not really that I’m worried, but I am curious if I’ve gotten bigger. I know I can do it.”

For a bit of perspective, Perry’s 20-pound figure may not be that wild. If he’s water loading correctly, Perry could be drinking about three gallons of water per day. Water is heavy, and once Perry stops chugging liquid relentlessly, a fair portion of that 20 pounds will drop off before Perry even steps into the sauna.

Or, Perry could just be terribly overweight and in for a miserable Thursday night. We won’t really be able to tell until he steps on the scale Friday.


Perry’s elite lead corner shows off her fighting prowess in a two-on-one fight:

On one hand, I would like to see Ryan Hall fight soon. On the other hand, I can see why top five guys in the division have zero interest in the fight, because Hall’s win streak really isn’t great.

Some slick head movement and a nice follow up!

This video is 100% the truth.

I can only assume this is the result of an argument about who is sporting the superior mullet.

Paul Craig is my favorite meme fighter, but he’s actually improving and is just one more Hail Mary triangle away from tying the Light Heavyweight submission record.

MMA fans are having fun on Twitter creating their own fact-check notifications.

Slips, rips, and KO clips


This jump knee from close distance is pretty awesome. Kyokushin rules may be a bit odd, but they produce some tremendous knockouts!

In my experience, gi chokes are more likely to suddenly put an opponent to sleep, though I haven’t a clue why that is.

Random Land

Why do they never let go?

Midnight Music: I only knew “Baby, It’s You” from The Beatles and The Shirelles, but this 1969 version from Smith dropped the “Sha la la la” for some more powerful vocals. I like!

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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