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UFC Vegas 14 live stream results, play-by-play updates for ‘Felder vs Dos Anjos’

Photo by Michael Owens/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is locked and loaded for the upcoming UFC Vegas 14 mixed martial arts (MMA) event, streaming LIVE on ESPN+ TONIGHT (Sat., Nov. 14, 2020) inside UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. UFC Vegas 14 will be headlined by the five-round showdown pitting No. 7-ranked lightweight Paul Felder — stepping in on just a few days notice — against former 155-pound champion Rafael dos Anjos. In the UFC Vegas 14 co-headliner, Abdul Razak Alhassan trades leather with once-beaten welterweight prospect Kalinn Williams. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Vegas 14 fight card below, starting with the ESPN+ “Prelims” undercard bouts at 5 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN+ main card start time at 7 p.m. ET.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Felder vs. Dos Anjos.” Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Vegas 14 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


155 lbs.: Paul Felder vs. Rafael dos Anjos — dos Anjos def. Felder by split decision (47-48, 50-45 x2) — HIGHLIGHTS
170 lbs.: Abdul Razak Alhassan vs. Khaos Williams — Williams def. Alhassan by KO (punch) at 0:30 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
185 lbs.: Julian Marquez vs. Saparbek SafarovCANCELED (details here)
185 lbs.: Eryk Anders vs. Antonio ArroyoCANCELED (details here)
115 lbs.: Miranda Granger vs. Ashley Yoder — Yoder def. Granger by unanimous decision (30-26, 29-27 x2)
195 lbs.: Brendan Allen vs. Sean Strickland — Strickland def. Allen by TKO (punches) at 1:32 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
115 lbs.: Kay Hansen vs. Cory McKenna — McKenna def. Hansen by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
135 lbs.: Louis Smolka vs. Jose QuinonezCANCELED (details here)
115 lbs.: Randa Markos vs. Kanako Murata — Murata def. Markos by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
135 lbs.: Geraldo de Freitas vs. Tony Gravely — Gravely def. de Freitas by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
170 lbs.: Alex Morono vs. Rhys McKee — Morono def. McKee by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
265 lbs.: Don’Tale Mayes vs. Roque Martinez — Mayes def. Martinez by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)


155 lbs.: Paul Felder vs. Rafael dos Anjos

Round 1: 1-2 from Felder, low kick apparently checked. He tries elbows as dos Anjos steps in, eats a body kick and straight left. Good knee by Felder met by another overhand left. dos Anjos body kick, tries to go high behind it. One minute in. Felder lands a front kick downstairs, tries a spinning elbow. 1-2 connects. dos Anjos shoots, drags Felder to the mat into half guard. Two minutes in. Felder makes it to his feet, does Anjos briefly threatens a standing arm triangle. Knees from RDA, eats a hard uppercut on the break. Two minutes to go.

Body kick and straight left land for dos Anjos. Felder straight right. RDA body shot, Felder counters. Good low kick by Felder. RDA to the body, straight left, avoids an elbow. Nice exchanges. One minute to go. Both change levels at the same time and clash heads before Felder takes him to the fence. dos Anjos forces him to a knee from the front headlock. Short right hands. Felder stands, eats an elbow and knee. RDA cracks him with an elbow and overhand left in the waning seconds. 10-9 dos Anjos in a close one.

Round 2: They meet in the center. dos Anjos with a punch and kick to the body, takes him to the fence. Felder separates, answers a straight left with an elbow. Good low kick. Step-in elbow met by a dos Anjos straight left. One minute in. They trade leg kicks. Another RDA straight left, buzzed by a straight right and shoots in. Knees from dos Anjos, eats one as he tries to change levels. They trade big elbows on the break. RDA straight left. They trade straights, RDA body kick two minutes in. Another straight left. 1-1-2. Good 3-2 and elbow by Felder. 2-3. Head kick and straight left from dos Anjos, lands a body shot, eats a left hook. Felder knee met by a left hand. dos Anjos shoots with two minutes to go.

He trips Felder down onto his seat. One minute to go. Felder makes it back up. They trade on the break, teep from Felder. Big straight left by dos Anjos. 10-9 dos Anjos.

Round 3: Felder tries a head kick. They trade low kicks. Felder targeting his calf. RDA shoots against the fence. Denied. They trade body kicks. Counter hook by Felder and he puts RDA on the fence a minute in. Felder tries an elbow on the break and RDA shoots back in for a successful double-leg. Two minutes in. Felder manages to work his way back to his feet. They trade knees. Two minutes to go.

More knees inside from both. RDA lands an elbow, lands a straight left. More straights and jabs. Felder threatening the knee, has to fight off another takedown. One minute to go. Felder holds onto a guillotine grip and gets slammed into half guard. dos Anjos considers a kimura. 10-9 dos Anjos.

Round 4: Felder tries a flying knee and spinning back fist. Felder 1-2 answers a body kick. Good counters landing early. Low kick and 1-2. dos Anjos shoots, denied in the center. Hard uppercut lands for Felder. dos Anjos slams home a body kick a minute in, blocks a head kick in return. Another body kick and they trade in the center. dos Anjos to the body. 2-1 upstairs. Counter left by Felder. Well-timed shot from dos Anjos, takes him to the fence. Body knees and elbow. Felder denying the takedown so far but still stuck on the fence. He reverses, lands a knee downstairs. Two minutes to go.

dos Anjos reverses in turn, eats an elbow. Knees to the body. Felder looks for his own. Thai clinch for Felder, both whack the body before separating. Jab from RDA. They trade lefts with a minute to go. Felder coming on strong, lands some heavy shots. Big left by dos Anjos in return. Felder ducks a left hand for his own double-leg. RDA scoots to the fence, moves to turtle, lands some shots. 10-9 dos Anjos.

Round 5: Good right hand from Felder as they meet in the center. RDA blocks a heavy head kick, tries a reactive takedown, denied. Long lefts. He shoots again and takes him to the fence. Good elbow on the break a minute in. Another reactive shot from dos Anjos, who runs the pipe on a single-leg and spins him away from the fence. On top in half guard. Looking to set up an arm triangle two minutes in. Loses it. Short shots from the top. He passes to side control with two minutes to go.

North-south now. Felder gets to his knees as dos Anjos holds the front headlock. Knees to the body. Felder makes it up, denies a takedown with a minute to go. RDA knees his thighs, changes levels for another double-leg. Right hands before the bell. Throwback performance from the former champ. 10-9 dos Anjos.

Final result: dos Anjos def. Felder by split decision

170 lbs.: Abdul Razak Alhassan vs. Khaos Williams

Round 1: Low kicks from Williams to start. Alhassan lands one in return. Alhassan tries another leg kick and Williams fires a straight right down the pipe that knocks him cold on impact. Damn, son.

Final result: Williams def. Alhassan by KO (punch)

115 lbs.: Miranda Granger vs. Ashley Yoder

Round 1: Granger starts with a low kick. Left hand from Yoder and she ties up on the fence. Granger reverses position, lands a knee downstairs. Nice elbow. Yoder tries a whizzzer throw into an armbar, can’t get it and they separate a minute in. Granger landing leg kicks. Left hands from Yoder, right hand from Granger and Yoder hits a head and arm throw on the fence. Granger tries to get a hook in. Yoder rolls for a leg, ends up stuck in guard. Two minutes to go.

Granger postures up for some hammerfists. One minute to go. Yoder wraps up a triangle and looks for an armbar, but Granger uses her legs to nullify it. 10-9 Granger.

Round 2: Both fire straight punches. Yode rputs her on the fence, gets reversed and takes an elbow. Trading knees as they jockey for position. One minute in. Knees from Granger, short elbows in the clinch. More knees, shoulder strikes. Yoder flubs a throw and ends up on the bottom. Odd position, Yoder technically on top. Now amore conventional top position. Two minutes to go.

Yoder on top in half guard. Granger trying a kimura. One minute to go. She drops the lock. 10-9 Yoder, but Granger may have done enough work early.

Round 3: 2-3 from Granger. Good overhand right. Good low kick. Yoder grabs a body lock and takes her down into side control. Granger tries to use the cage to sweep a minute in. Yoder wants mount, gets it. Two minutes in. Looking for the armbar. Granger with knees from her back. Short elbows from Yoder after abandoning the armbar, now wants the back. Two minutes to go.

Back to mount, more punches from Yoder. Now the back again, full body triangle. One minute to go. Yoder trying to soften her up. She gets the RNC in the waning seconds, but runs out of time. 10-8 Yoder.

Final result: Yoder def. Granger by unanimous decision

195 lbs.: Brendan Allen vs. Sean Strickland

Round 1: Jab exchange, low kicks from Allen. Strickland active with his jab, lands a counter right and eats a body shot. Trading jabs, back fist by Strickland and he catches a body kick for a takedown a minute in. He denies a sweep. Right hand lands for him as Allen gets to his feet. Knees from Strickland. Two minutes in. Looking for the back. Two-piece on the break. Low kick from Allen, takes a two-piece and jab as he moves forward. Allen with a clean jab. Two minutes to go.

Allen marches forward with a combo, takes a left on the break. Allen low kick and 1-2. Another leg kick as Strickland picks away with 1-2s. Heavy left hook lands for Allen. 1-2 from Strickland in return. One minute to go. Strickland winning the jab battle. Sweeping right, 1-2 lands. He puts Allen on the fence for a moment. 1-2 after separating. Jab exchange, big trade. 10-9 Strickland.

Round 2: Allen coming out aggressive, lands a left hook. 1-2 catches him throwing and nearly knocks him down. Still advancing. Strickland lands jabs and straights, takes low kicks. Combinations land for him. Overhand from Strickland, then another and a knee downstairs. One minute in. Calf kick appears to really bother Strickland, then another behind it. More potshots land for Strickland. Big 1-2-3 and down goes Allen. Strickland pours it on against the fence for the finish.

Final result: Strickland def. Allen by TKO (punches)

115 lbs.: Kay Hansen vs. Cory McKenna

Round 1: Trading jabs to start. Both firing punches, good rights. Clean 1-2 lands for McKenna, eats a 1-1-2 in return. McKenna counter right a minute in. Sharp jabs land for Hansen, McKenna 1-2. Hansen takes her to the fence, gets reversed. Uchi mata by Hanen, can’t keep her down, looks for a high crotch. Two minutes in. Right hand lands for her on the break. Jab exchange. They trade, sharp left by McKenna in combination. McKenna seemingly getting the better of the exchanges. Stiff jab from Hansen. She grabs a body lock on the fence. Tow minutes to go.

McKenna reverses and changes levels. Browne elbows from Hansen. Looking for a guillotine, knees from the front headlock. One minute to go. Heavy knee sends McKenna to her knees and Hansen locks up the body triangle, hunting the RNC. McKenna punching over her shoulder as she holds onto Hansen’s wrist with the other hand. 10-9 Hansen.

Round 2: Nice counters from McKenna after taking a body kick. Right hand from Hansen, combination in the center. Jab connects. Hansen hauls her to the fence, looks for an inside reap a minute in. McKenna defends and separates. Body kick from Hansen. McKenna with a combo inside, eats knees in return. McKenna cross counter, they trade in the center. More short-range combination work, good 1-2. Two minutes in. Both fire right hands. Hansen body kick, good knee inside. Counter right from McKenna. Hansen looks for a reactive shot and takes her to the fence, dragginer her down and hopping onto her back. She looks for the RNC, but it’s not under the chin. Two minutes to go.

Hansen steps over looking for an armbar, loses it. McKenna on top in guard. Short punches with a minute to go. Nice punches and elbows. 10-9 McKenna.

Round 3: Jabs from McKenna to start. Hansen teep. Jab-elbow. Glancing 1-2, 3-2 met by a McKenna right hand. One minute in. They exchange. Good entry by Hansen, outside reap gets her on top in half guard. Two minutes in. Both whacking each other at close range. Hansen seemingly trying to get her head in position for an arm triangle, loses it. Short lefts with two minutes to go

McKenna appears to consider an Ezekiel choke adn ets elbows for her trouble. Elbows from McKenna as well. Looking for a kimura. Hanen escapes and lookes for an armtriangle, passing to side control but losign it. Full mount with a minute to go. She wraps up the choke again, but McKenna sweeps into guard. McKenna landing short punches. Hansen looks to sweep at the bell. 10-9 Hansen.

Final result: McKenna def. Hansen by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Louis Smolka vs. Jose Quinonez

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Final result:

115 lbs.: Randa Markos vs. Kanako Murata

Round 1: Markos orthodox, Murata southpaw. Right hook from Murata. Markos fires a low kick and Murata grabs a body lock, completing an outside reap into guard. One minute in. Murata passes to side control. Two minutes in. Markos working to stand, does so with an underhook. Trading knees inside. Murata can’t get the trip, chains her way into a body lock. Markos denies a throw with a whizzer with two minutes to go.

From the same position, Murata kicks her base out to set up in side control. She goes back to half guard. Good elbows. One minute to go. Solid punches and elbows against the fence. She pins down an arm for elbows, then postures up for heavy punches. Markos turns for a heel hook. 10-9 Murata.

Round 2: My ESPN+ stream got behind at some point, so we start 90 seconds into the second round. Now two minutes in, neither landing clean. Clash of heads as Murata ties up. Markos exits. Good right hand lands for her as Murata slips. Murata shoots through a sprawl to bring her to her seat on the fence. Two minutes to go.

Murata looking for mount against the fence. Trying to pin Markos’ hand behind her back. She briefly pins it with her shin. One minute to go. Markos turns to her knees as Murata grabs a front headlock. Markos makes it back to her feet, lands some short knees. 10-9 Murata.

Round 3: Markos looking to potshot, eats a 2-3. Front kick downstairs. Low kick lands. One minute in. Murata feints a Superman punch, tries a lift, chains through for another takedown into guard a minute in. Markos tries to turn and Murata wraps up a d’arce choke, transitioning to a north-south two minutes in. Loses it, Markos regains guard. Two minutes to go.

Marks holding into her wrist, tries to threaten an armbar and surrenders side control. Illegal upkick from Markos, Murata shrugs it off and takes half guard. Markos looking to sweep with a minute to go. Murata denies it, lands elbows from half guard. Markos tries an armbar, eats a punch. Murata passes back to side control in the waning seconds. 10-9 Murata.

Final result: Murata def. Markos by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Geraldo de Freitas vs. Tony Gravely

Round 1: Counter 1-2 from de Freitas kicks off a rapid exchange. Good low kick from the Brazilian, who gets taken down into side control. Not much damage in the first minute. de Freitas looking to regain guard, does so and stands. Head kick just misses, good leg kick. Gravely moving forward, eats a jab and gets clipped by a left hook that prompts a shot. Gravely muscles him down into half guard two minutes in. de Freitas regains guard and looks for an armbar, which Gravely slams his way out of before avoiding an omoplata and landing a good left hand. Two minutes to go.

de Freitas kicks him away. Gravely stands over him, kicks at his legs, avoids upkicks. de Freitas happy to chill on his back. Gravely comes back down into guard with a minute to go. He avoids an omoplata and de Freitas stands. de Freitas tries a flying knee and gets dumped to the mat for his trouble. He rides the round out from half guard. 10-9 Gravely.

Round 2: de Freitas tries a head kick, lands a pull-back counter right. He scores a takedown, can’t keep him down, can’t get a throw and Gravely grabs the rear waist lock. One minute in. de Freitas defending on the fence, eats a knee. He turns to face Gravely, then separates. Good calf kick, tries to shoot and gets thrown into side control. Back to half guard two minutes in. de Freitas regains guard, tries to use his butterfly hooks and land short elbows. Left hand from Gravely. Two minutes to go.

Elbow from Gravely as de Freitas tries to bring up his legs. Elbow into a front headlock. de Freitas stands, lands a knee as he defends a single-leg. Gravely changes levels, denied. de Freitas throwing head, hops in and gets taken down with a minute to go He pops back up, initially denies the next shot, ultimately taken down into half guard. Now full. Elbows from Gravely. 10-9 Gravely.

Round 3: Good overhand right by de Freitas, looks to flurry but overextends and gets taken down into half guard. Staying heavy a minute in. de Freitas manages to regain guard two minutes in, eats an elbow. He gets to his feet, throwing hard. Two minutes to go.

Jabs from de Freitas, takes a low kick and body kick. Heavy right cross by de Freitas prompts Gravely to shoot, locking his hands from the rear waist lock. de Freitas turne into him and separates. Good body shot, another right hand and he stuffs Gravely’s shot. de Freitas throwing heat, stuffs a takedown, eats a right hand, same sequence again. de Freitas swinging for his life as Gravely tries to bring him down. Gravely manages to finally get him down with 20 seconds to go. de Freitas stands, gets blasted with big right hands and slugs it out. 10-9 de Freitas.

Final result: Gravely def. de Freitas by split decision

170 lbs.: Alex Morono vs. Rhys McKee

Round 1: McKee sending out his jab, takes a couple of leg kicks. McKee advancing, both men swinging hard. Hard flurry by Morono as McKee leans in. Hard jab. One minute in. 1-2 answers a McKee low kick. Jab exchange. Clean 1-2 by Morono. McKee absorbing everything without issue so far. 1-1-2 lands for him. Staying active with the jab. Right hand to the body. Two minutes in. Counter hook and right hand land for Morono, who grabs an underhook and takes him to the fence. Elbow on the break. They trade leg kicks. Morono left hook, then a heavy right hand that knocks McKee back. Snapping left from McKee in return. Two minutes to go.

Another right cross connects for Morono. Overhand falls just short. Heavy flurry as McKee looks for clinch knees. McKee comes back with a flurry and puts him on the fence. They pummel for underhooks and then separate. One minute to go. Glancing overhand right into the clinch. Morono just misses a head kick on the break. Combination from McKee, good combos at close range. Brief clinch. They trade lefts. Big right hands by Morono in return that force McKee to the fence. Another four-piece combo, then a spinning back kick. 10-9 Morono.

Round 2: McKee opens with low kicks. Morono with a leg kick and right cross. Jab to swatting overhand from McKee. Still pressing forward, avoids a looping right. One minute in. Morono lands a left hook on the exit. Good body shot by McKee. 1-2 upstairs. Seemingly doing a better job of staying out of range this round. McKee elbow, Morono overhand on the break. McKee to the body. Morono with a 1-1-2 two minutes in. Heavy rights from Morono, clinch knee behind it. Big overhand dings McKee, who comes back with a clinch elbow and gets taken down on the fence. He pops right back up and separates. Trading jabs. Good uppercut form McKee. Two minutes to go.

McKee’s jaw doesn’t look like it’s in good shape as they trade in the center. Good right cross. Stiff jabs. He tries a flying knee, catches a low kick. Morono lands a right hand and a glancing head kick, avoids one in return. One minute to go. Wound-up left hook by McKee. They trade big right hands. Jabs from both men, neither moving their heads. Foot sweep attempt met by a right hand. Hard elbow by Morono. Closer round. 10-9 Morono.

Round 3: Morono 1-2, McKee goes low-high. Counters by Morono met by body shots. Big left hand by McKee as they separate answered in kind. Morono combination. Left hook catches him a minute in. They trade hard right hands in the center. Morono triples up the right hand, takes a clean body kick. They trade rights. Morono 1-2, short right behind it. Four-piece by McKee goes low-high. good body shots by McKee and Morono responds with an outside trip into guard. McKee looking for an aggressive guard, avoids a guillotine and stands. Morono with a knee from the front headlock, can’t get a trip and they pause to try and find McKee’s mouthpiece. Said mouthpiece bounced its way under the cage and McKee’s corner is hunting for their spare as the UFC staff hunt underneath the mat. Takes a while, but they find it. Back to the violence with just over tow minutes to go.

They trade knees inside. Good body shot by McKee met with a knee. Morono double left, then a double-leg into guard. Staying tight, short punches. One minute to go. Morono nearly takes the back as McKee tries to stand on the fence, instead secures mount and fires elbows. Hard shots in the waning seconds. 10-9 Morono.

Final result: Morono def. McKee by unanimous decision

265 lbs.: Don’Tale Mayes vs. Roque Martinez

Round 1: They trade low kicks to start. Mayes with a couple of front kicks downstairs. He answers a leg kick with a left hook. They trade in the center. One minute in. Martinez leg kicks. Mayes flicks out that lead leg. Martinez still landing leg kicks as Mayes slowly presses forward. Mayes switches stance two minutes in. Counter left answers a Martinez body kick. Martinez with a flurry inside after avoiding a punch. Low kicks. Two minutes to go.

Mayes sneaks a left hook around the guard. Martinez digs a right to the body soon after. Spinning back kick attempt draws a smile from Mayes. He lands a body kick in return. Outside trip against the fence with a minute to go. On top in half guard, landing short shots. Martinez not offering much from his back. 10-9 Mayes.

Round 2: Trading in the center, good left hook by Martinez. Right hand to the body met by a body kick from Mayes. Mayes gets a final warning for sticking his fingers out. Straight left attempt. Good knee catches Martinez leaning. One minute in. Martinez flurries, takes a body shot. Good knee to the body from Mayes, who eats a left hook in return. Sharp straight right. Low kicks from Martinez. Two minutes in. He blocks a combination. 1-2 downstairs. Straight left by Mayes, bac kto southpaw after a stretch in orthodox. Good body kick. He ties up on the fence with two minutes to go.

Short elbow lands for Martinez, who blocks a lengthy combo in return. Left hook connects. He fires a flurry and changes levels. One minute to go. Mayes manages to defend and tries a jumping knee, which seems to bother Martinez’s left eye after a glancing impact. Martinez advancing, tries a lengthy combo. Mayes tries an overhand right to a head kick. 10-9 Mayes.

Round 3: Martinez tries a high kick. Mayes body shot inside. They trade in the center. One minute in. Martinez presses forward and flurries. Knees inside. Mayes grabs a single-leg, loses his grip as Martinez holds onto a front headlock. Martinez latches into the guillotine and forces Mayes to his knees. Martinez abandons it, gets pressed against the fence two minutes in. Mayes lands an elbow on the break. Combo from Martinez, uppercut and 1-2 connect. Good right hand catches Mayes leaning. Combos as he forces the big man back to the fence, now changing levels. Two minutes to go.

Back to a standard clinch on the fence. One minute to go. They separate. Martinez pressing forward, avoids a spinning elbow to clinch again. Knee by Mayes. Mayes lands a flying knee, overhand right, and another knee in sequence. Good body kick. Another jumping knee as Martinez continues to pursue with punches. 10-9 Martinez.

Final result: Mayes def. Martinez by unanimous decision

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