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Diego Sanchez saw a UFO last night — ‘It was watching me’

It then scurried back to Kepler-1649c after failing to find any signs of intelligent life.

FOX’s “The X-Files” UFO Sighting And Premiere Episode Screening Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

UFC welterweight veteran Diego Sanchez was back on Twitter last night and for those of you who don’t follow “The Nightmare” on social media, I can promise you’re missing out. Look no further than yesterday’s UFO sighting, which apparently is a regular occurrence in his neck of the woods.

“I was doing energy work on my patio as a UFO flew right up on me,” Sanchez wrote on Twitter. “I called for my daughter, ‘quick quick’ she watched this thing hover only hundreds of feet away. Albuquerque is a trip, sightings are regular here. But this shit was contact tonight, it was obvious it was watching me.”

I think I’m more interested in his “energy work” than his UFO sighting because I don’t know what that means. Was he doing some kind of mystical yoga workout? Building solar panels? Training himself for the electric chair a la Horace Pinker? Sanchez could be the only UFC fighter more compelling than flying saucers.

“Today a powerful portal of light energy is open,” Sanchez continued. “If there ever was a night to connect with the universe tonight is the night. I have been celebrating and connecting all day.”

Don’t tell Nick Diaz!

Sanchez isn’t the only fighter to pull the UFO card. Retired UFC champ Georges St-Pierre insists he was abducted by aliens in New Mexico (seriously) and even newly-anointed City Councilman Tito Ortiz has witnessed strange aerial phenomenon.

“I’m that guy,” Sanchez insists. “And my magic is real.”

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