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GTFO! Judge tosses Dana White sex tape silence suit

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Ernesto Joshua Ramos, 42, filed suit against UFC President Dana White earlier this year, claiming the Las Vegas fight boss broke a financial deal they had in relation to a sex tape White made with the plaintiff’s then-girlfriend, a local stripper.

A Clark County Judge needed about an hour to give it the heave-ho, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Ramos alleges White agreed to pay him $450,000 to keep his mouth shut after serving time in prison for extorting the UFC President, who later refused to cough up the coin once Ramos pled guilty and went up the river, leading to the civil suit.

MMA Fighting has more;

At issue in the suit against White and the UFC was the interpretation of the mediation between Ramos and the UFC executive. Ramos’ attorney argued there was a valid agreement for compensation for signing the non-disclosure agreement, while White’s attorney countered it was only an agreement to discuss potential compensation and not a commitment to any figure. Campbell argued the sides did not have “a meeting of the minds” – White, according to (Ramos’ attorney), simply refused to pay Ramos – and that ended their obligation.

“The opposition did NOT dispute the allegations I brought before the court,” Ramos wrote on Instagram. “Judge Jones indicated that the opposition didn’t care or need a good reputation, but he did wonder why Dana White, all of a sudden, decided he didn’t care a week before the sale of the UFC was announced. If the story came out my lawyer explained it was in fact a problem for the sale ... . There [is] so much that would come out with discovery, for the judge to dismiss it, stating that the other side: ‘Didn’t need to act in good faith’ ... is rather absurd. ... So, it’s my right under the Constitution, and I can do what I feel is right for me and my family.”

Ramos and his attorney plan to file an appeal with Nevada Supreme Court.

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