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Court smash! ‘Crusher’ McGee reset his own broken nose during Carlos Condit fight (Pic)

One of the many bright spots from the UFC Fight Island 4 event last weekend in Abu Dhabi was the 170-pound war between Carlos Condit and Court McGee, a hard-hitting showdown that ended in favor of “The Natural Born Killer.”

In the opening minutes of their the three-round affair Condit broke McGee’s nose, but “Crusher” isn’t the sort of competitor to let something silly like a mangled face get in the way of a good scrap, so he just smashed it back into place.

“Back to the states, had lots of people ask about my nose,” McGee wrote on Instagram. “I reset it in the second round. I had felt that it was crooked as I stood up off the stool in between rounds so I smashed it straight and kept fighting.”

I once got a nose hair caught in my trimmer and cried for like an hour straight (following a sneezing fit) so hats off to grizzled veterans like McGee who can just shake it off and keep on punching.

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