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Holly Holm dominates Irene Aldana career best performance | UFC Fight Island 4

UFC Fight Night Holm v Aldana Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Holly Holm and Irene Aldana face off tonight (Sat. Oct. 3, 2020) in a main event women’s Bantamweight clash from “Fight Island” inside Flash Forum on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Though Holm brought a lion’s share of the star power into the Octagon, it was Aldana riding the more significant wave of momentum thanks to her thunderous knockout win over Ketlen Vieira. As a result, the stakes were high, with the victor closing in on a title shot opposite Amanda Nunes.

Holm needed a big win, and she earned one! Holm absolutely picked her opponent apart, battering Aldana for the majority of five rounds and winning in every area.

Round One

Holm opens the bout with a couple side kicks. Aldana returns with some round kicks of her own. Holm finds a home for a good left hand, the first punch of the fight. Holm sneaks another left through the guard. Aldana is struggling to find her range, but the inside low kick is landing a bit. Holm chops the leg. Aldana counters a Holm combination with a right, but Holm finished the combination with a hard low kick. Question mark kick partially scores for Holm. Holm scores with a couple body punches, eats a low kick. Holm drives into a double leg and nearly gets it, but Aldana is able to use an overhook to stand. Still, Holm uses the position to push her foe into the fence, and she scores a takedown in the final seconds of the round.

Round Two

Aldana scores with a low kick early, but Holm lands the first combination. Holm is managing distance really well six minutes into the bout. Overhand from Holm wobbles Aldana! Holm lands a counter combo to the body and head. Another heavy left scores direct to the jaw for Holm. Aldana denies a takedown, counters with a knee. Holm tries another takedown, pushes her foe into the fence. Holm secures another clinch takedown! Holm lets her opponent back up after a few low kicks. Holm connects with a counter left then side kicks Aldana off her. Aldana unable to land anything aside from the low kick.

Round Three

Aldana kicks the lead leg to start the round. Check hook lands hard for Holm. Holm partially lands a high kick, followed by an overhand left. Aldana scores with a glancing right and a clean jab. Holm scores another body lock takedown, and she secures the wrist-ride behind the back briefly. Holm steps into mount! Holm lands some good shots, but Aldana manages to scramble back to her feet. Holm circles and side kicks her way out of range with real consistency. Holm scores with a combination of counter lefts before the bell.

Round Four

Holm snaps her foe’s head back with a pair of jabs to open the championship rounds. Holm is firmly entrenched in her rhythm, landing well and evading her opponents attempts to make something happen. Holm kicks the body hard. Holm’s counters are landing at a higher and higher rate of accuracy. Aldana lands a clean inside low kick, but that’s about all she can find a home for. To make matters worse for her opponent, Holm scores yet another takedown. Aldana eats some punches to return to her feet, but she does stick a jab. More combinations connect for Holm, who does not appear to be slowing at all despite all the movement.

Round Five

Aldana absolutely needs a finish in the next five minutes, but it is not looking likely. Holm is happy to circle and jab — then she sticks a clean left hand right to the jaw. Body kick scores for Holm as Aldana continues trying to track her down. Holm is racking up points even while far ahead, sticking her opponent with lots of counter combinations. Overhand left turns the head of Aldana, though Holm’s nose is bleeding a bit. Holm chains together a trio of takedown attempts to put her foe on the mat likely for a final time. Aldana eats a high kick on her way back up! Holm lands an overhand then side kicks her opponent in the eye! Holm finishes the absolute best performance of her career with a final flurry.

Result: Holly Holm defeats Irene Aldana via unanimous decision (50-44, 50-45, 50-45)

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