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Midnight Mania! Justin Gaethje ‘despises’ Colby Covington, would ‘love to slap him’

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UFC Fight Night: Covington v Woodley Photo by Todd Lussier/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

For a long time, fans cracked jokes about Colby Covington’s inability to generate heat. He would win a fight, say something controversial, and no one would really react in any significant way. Covington did things like spoil popular movie franchises on Twitter, which was annoying, but ... no one really cared.

Times have changed. Covington has fully embraced the politics game, which is netting him presidential meetings and phone calls and a great deal more attention. He’s feuding with the current champion yet again — precisely what “Chaos” wants.

Not everyone is a fan. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim Lightweight strap-hanger, Justin Gaethje, spoke at today’s virtual media event about just how much he detests Covington.

“The day I met him, I was singing his praises because of how professional he was and how he held himself,” Gaethje told reporters (transcription via TheScore). “But then he went on to do a bunch of interviews.

“I probably despise that man more than anybody on planet Earth, other than child pedophiles and murderers and things like that. He is a coward, he is a fake person. He stands there and acts like this soft-hearted dude, and then he gets behind a camera and is a total coward and a fake person. I’ve never met someone as fake as Colby Covington.

“As a man, I would love to slap him right across the face,” Gaethje said.

Both men are currently a bit preoccupied. Gaethje is preparing to challenge Khabib Nurmagomedov for the Lightweight crown on October 24 at UFC 254, while Covington is chasing a showdown with Jorge Masvidal.

However, that doesn’t mean there is no hope for a future showdown. The two are only separated by a single weight class, and Covington is known as a smaller Welterweight. Depending on how things shake out down the line, a grudge match is possible if this feud continues to develop.

Until then, maybe no more rallies together?

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After a long career filled with violent left hooks, Paul Daley has announced that his next fight will be his last.

The first one made me laugh, and this one did too!

I understand Alistair Overeem won most of the fight and believe it could have kept going, but still, respect to “Demolition Man” for requesting a rematch with the guy who destroyed his face (PICTURES) less than a year ago.

Shoutout Jan Blachowicz for the best career renaissance since Robbie Lawler and Mark Hunt!

Y’all leave Jon Anik alone, it’s not his fault he has to pepper random adverts in the action at all times. That’s the job!

Israel Adesanya is living up to his promise of trolling Jon Jones from quarantine, and “Bones” is firing right back!

Slips, rips, and KO clips

This clip really impressed me! Kasumov jumped on the arm triangle with great quickness, and when he was too high up on the choke, he readjusted smartly to put his foe to sleep. Excellent technique!

Speaking of impressive, Khamzat Chimaev was looking deadly even in his amateur debut.

This has to be a worst-case scenario for a fighter. There’s no reason Anthony Johnson should have been at Welterweight, but he made it this time, and Charles Brenneman had to try to fight him ... rough.

Random Land

Is this hilarious to anyone else?

Midnight Music: Jazz night with a Blue Note classic, Eric Dolphy’s Out To Lunch!

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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