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UFC fighters speculate on Ortega’s massive jockstrap at UFC Fight Island 6

What was the deal with Brian Ortega’s ridiculously oversized protective cup? Several MMA fighters shared their thoughts and theories.


There was a lot to notice during Brian Ortega’s big featherweight comeback fight at UFC Fight Island 6. His new haircut: completely bald, after he shaved off his flowing locks in solidarity with cancer victims. His new team, which includes old school UFC veterans Paul Herrera and Tiki Ghosn. His new fight style: as slick on the feet (and in southpaw) as he is on the ground. And his ... giant protective cup?

It certainly feels silly to bring this up, but believe us, we’re not the only ones talking about Ortega’s enormous jockstrap. Many other fans and even mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters saw what they considered to be an unusually large lump in T-City’s tights and took to social media to comment on it.

First take a look yourself and tell us that’s not ... bigger than necessary?

Now see what MMA fighters had to say:

Alas, nobody during the post-fight press conference did ask Ortega about the cup. But, Diego Sanchez had a solid theory:

Would “T-City” really go black hat like that for a little extra fulcrum? We’ll have to wait until “Phase 2” of Ortega’s comeback goes down to see if he shows up in the same XXL cup, I suppose.

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