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‘Korean Zombie’ releases statement after Brian Ortega loss: ‘I have no memory of rounds 3, 4 and 5’

UFC Fight Night: Ortega v The Korean Zombie Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

“Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung is renowned for being one of the toughest fighters to put away in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and he proved it again on Saturday night against Brian Ortega at UFC Fight Island 6.

In the second round, Jung was starting to surge, only to get caught with a wicked spinning back elbow from Ortega — a similar shot to the one Yair Rodriguez knocked him out with in their 2018 war. But this time “Zombie” didn’t go down. He survived ... but just barely (watch the highlights here).

According to a new statement released by Jung on his Instagram following the 50-45x3 decision loss to Ortega, the Korean fighter revealed just how much that spinning back elbow hurt him.

“I have no memory of Rounds 3, 4, 5,” he wrote in Korean. “It’s fascinating to watch myself fight during the rounds I can’t remember, haha.

“When I lose a match, I have to analyze why I lost,” Jung continued. “Ortega fought in southpaw stance a lot and when facing southpaw, I was supposed to bait him in but I was a stupid idiot for getting caught by that elbow. Ortega fought extremely well.. And right now, I’m just completely embarrassed / ashamed of myself. But I really want to thank you guys for rooting for me and I’m really sorry.”

Korean fans following him in the corner noted that Jung was clearly having a hard time, repeatedly asking what round the fight was in. That certainly locks in why he struggled to turn up his output against Ortega, who took control of the fight after the fateful back elbow and blanked Jung on the scorecards.

Jung and Ortega had engaged in quite the feud over the year+ build-up to their fight, but seemed to bury the hatchet after the decision was read with “The Korean Zombie” giving Ortega a playful slap (a reference to Ortega slapping his interpreter and K-Pop star Jay Park at the start of the year).

The loss cost Chan Sung Jung his position as No. 1 contender status at Featherweight, a position that now goes to a revitalized and even more dangerous “T-City” Ortega. We imagine he’ll be looking to get back into the cage to re-establish himself at the top of the division ... once concussion protocols are followed and he gets a good rest after that beating he took on “Fight Island.”

Who would you like to see “The Korean Zombie” come back against, Maniacs?

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