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Video: Jorge Masvidal welcomes President Trump off Air Force One in Miami

UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal arrives to speak, along with... Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Jorge Masvidal has taken his support for President Donald Trump to a new level this past week.

Masvidal, who is one of the most popular fighters in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) today, has been a Trump advocate for quite some time. Back in July, “Gamebred” explained his support for the controversial President by pointing out the good Trump has done for Latino and Black communities. Masvidal caught some flack for his political views but ultimately stayed the course.

Earlier this week, Masvidal joined Donald Trump Jr. on a day long “Fighters Against Socialism” bus tour in Florida, where the UFC fighter urged people to re-elect the President.

“Since I was about knee high I’ve been hearing about the horrors of communism and socialism,” said Masvidal during an on-stage speech. “We either re-elect president Trump and keep America great again, or we let Joe Biden and the radical left take us down the slippery slopes of socialism and misery.”

In addition to his tour alongside Trump Jr., Masvidal was able to meet President Trump on the runway to welcome him to Florida. “Gamebred” was dressed in his best suit to see Trump walk off Air Force One and touch down on Miami soil. Trump was in Florida to speak to senior citizens about healthcare and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Masvidal, who was ecstatic to greet the President, shared the encounter in a social media post early Friday.

Who would’ve thought 17 years ago a Hispanic kid fighting in the backyards of Miami would be welcoming the President of the USA @realDonaldTrump to his city? #AmericanDream

Whether you support President Trump or not, this is pretty cool for Masvidal to welcome the commander and chief off of Air Force One. Trump has expressed the same admiration for Masvidal, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for “Gamebred.”

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