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Thirsty Daniel Cormier ‘couldn’t get a job in WWE’ despite ‘masturbatory fantasies’ about Brock Lesnar

Former UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, who also held gold at 205 pounds, has to figure out what to do with his life after retiring from MMA back in August. At the top of the list is a dream job commentating for WWE, which could lead to something more.

“Put me at the commentary table,” Cormier, 41, told Sports Illustrated. “Let me call the matches for six months and tell you how great these wrestlers are in the ring. Then, after those six months, what if I’m sitting next to Michael Cole, and Roman (Reigns) comes over and smacks the microphone out of my hand? But I’m an announcer. Will I hit him back?”

Despite “very early conversations” with WWE about a potential role at the announce table, pro wrestling icon Paul Heyman — a fixture both onscreen and backstage — recently revealed the promotion passed on “DC” and his dreams of the squared circle.

“He’s retired and has nothing to do with his life but live out his masturbatory fantasies about stepping into the ring with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns,” Heyman told Ariel Helwani. “Daniel Cormier couldn’t get a job in WWE as a freaking commentator and now is resigned to eating Popeye’s chicken from his den doing podcasts on Monday with a guy who won’t even work exclusively with him because on Thursday’s he works with Chael Sonnen.”

Cormier and Lesnar were expected to fight inside the Octagon back in 2019 — after this in-cage confrontation — but the bout continued to get delayed until Lesnar finally withdrew from the matchup, reportedly over the contract UFC has with ESPN.

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