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Cub Swanson completes ‘Ocean Spray Challenge’ based on another viral Tik Tok video I don’t understand

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight veteran Cub Swanson recently completed the “Ocean Spray Challenge,” coasting down the street on a skateboard drinking nasty juice while lip syncing “Dreams” from Fleetwood Mac.

Maybe I’m too old, too salty, or too stupid, but I don’t get it.

The online craze was started when some random guy who works in a potato factory broke down on the highway and had to ride his skateboard to work. That’s it ... that’s the video. He rode his skateboard, sipped some juice, and sang a tune.

Now he’s a global sensation.

“It was spontaneous. It was heartfelt. It was fun, and God knows we need some of that right now,” Mick Fleetwood told NPR. “To some extent, it was a lovely accident. It could have been any song, but it was ours. For us bunch in Fleetwood Mac, the inspiring thing was that it was just so off the wall. Did we expect it? No. Are we happy and delighted? Absolutely.”

Of course they’re delighted, “Dreams” is back on the charts, tripled in sales, and enjoyed its best week ever on streaming, according to Bobby Allyn.

The man behind the video, Nate Apodaca, now has a publicist along with a website where he sells merchandise — because this is America and that’s what fame is for. Ocean Spray also bough him a new truck and a shit-ton of juice.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t do anything foolish like quit his day job.

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