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Adesanya and Jones go full family feud in latest social media scuffle

The beef between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones continues to get meaner as both men brought their respective families into recent internet trash talk.

UFC 234 Press Conference Photo by Michael Dodge/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC

Israel Adesanya just won the biggest fight of his UFC career, routing challenger Paulo Costa with ease on Fight Island and then shaming him mercilessly in the cage and online. He’s got all the time in the world right now to troll — he’s in the middle of a two week quarantine period everyone re-entering New Zealand has to go through. And it isn’t just Costa getting flamed. He’s also getting into it with former light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

The bad blood between Jones and Adesanya is nothing new, but the flare-ups between the two are getting uglier and uglier. In this latest exchange, things went way outside the generally accepted rules of trashtalk: into the realm of family. Jones lit the match by bringing up Adesanya’s father, and then Adesanya poured gasoline on everything invoking Jones’ dead mother.

Take a look at the exchange:

“I’m curious to hear what his father tells him when he asks about fighting me,” Jones wrote. “I wonder if his father believes he’s ready? Eugene definitely doesn’t.”

A bit of context there: Adesanya has said he consults his father on fight strategy regularly, and also says moving up in weight is something that will only happen when his coach Eugene Bareman and team agrees its time. That’s something Jones has seized on as a sign that Adesanya’s team doesn’t think he’d win.

“My pops already told me how I’d beat you,” Adesanya replied. “Trust me he knows. Your mom would be disappointed in who you’ve become.”

Jones’ mother died back in 2017.

“So to get ahead of all the bullshit coming,” Adesanya wrote. “My statement below. Lol if Jones has this much knowledge about the fight game and fame game he woulda known not to run back to the car to get the money and coke. Dumbass.”

“1) Jones first called me out on TMZ, then I responded and here we are,” his image caption added. “2) Jones brought my family into this. Dead or alive keep my family out of this cuz this is my job. He starts it, I always finish it.”

For some reason, we doubt this finishes anything.

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