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Scorpion Crunch! Bellator ground wizard just pulled off MMA’s rarest submission (Video)

Sting would be proud!

I know when you call something the “rarest” of its kind there is always some shitbag racing in to rebut with a half-baked explanation about the very same move he witnessed on his way to black belt and how easy it is to execute or defend and blah blah blah ...

Shut up, you never heard of it before.

Bellator MMA atomweight Monika Tochlikova pulled off the “Scorpion Crunch” on the Bellator 247 “Prelims” earlier today in Milan, Italy, and when a referee as seasoned as “Big” John McCarthy is impressed, you can bet you’ve witnessed something special.

Here’s a far better explanation than I can provide:

“It’s really easy to defend once you know how and then it’s not really a viable move,” an experienced grappler previously wrote on Reddit.

Tell that to Jade Jorand.

Since my knowledge of scorpion crunching is relegated to the monsters from Clash of the Titans and the closest I ever got to a gi was watching Guy LeDouche on MXC, I can only hope resident MMA champ Andy Richardson chimes in below.

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