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Jorge Masvidal wants to resurrect Georges St-Pierre, break his f—king face

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The “Rush” talk starts at 13:50.

Jorge Masvidal is an equal opportunity face breaker.

As “Gamebred” told our own Matt Ryan a few weeks back, he’s more concerned with making a monster payday than he is with winning the division title from Kam-owl-ru Usman, so it’s open season on the welterweight division.

Which includes everyone from Conor McGregor to Georges St-Pierre.

“Well, they’ve said this about me, that I resurrect fighters and then I retire them again. So, I wouldn’t mind if GSP jumped on that campaign,” Masvidal told Submission Radio. “In all honesty, as a competitor, I want to fucking break his face. I want to go out there and give him everything I got. But I respect the time, what he’s done. I would put everything into my being, into my soul, to end this individual, because he’s that good.”

Considering St-Pierre’s popularity, Masvidal may have to take a number.

Masvidal (35-13) has captured three straight wins at 170 pounds and may be next in line for a welterweight title shot. As of this writing, both “Gamebred” and Usman remain unbooked, but that’s likely to change sooner, rather than later.