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Jorge Masvidal prefers Conor McGregor money fight over Kam-owl-ru Usman UFC title bout

Iowa v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Jorge Masvidal had himself a great 2019, winning three fights via knockout over Darren Till, Ben Askren and Nate Diaz (doctors stoppage), all in the span of nine months. He even collected some nice hardware for his mantle.

But, 2020 promises to be a bigger year for “Gamebred,” who can pretty much write his own ticket and is in line for a shot at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight title. But if Masvidal had his pick of the litter, he’d fight Conor McGregor instead of division king, Kamaru Usman, and collect the big payday that comes with it.

“(I would pick) the Conor fight because the Conor fight is not going to be there,” Masvidal said Monday on “Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show” (via MMA Junkie). “The ‘Who?’ (Usman) is always going to be there. The owl, whatever they’re calling him. That fight is always going to be there. Somebody is always going to have that belt. So it’s not a big deal.”

If you’re wondering what “who” refers to, it’s a jab at Usman for dismissing Masvidal as a contender in 2019, claiming he didn’t know who he was.

“I would want that fight because it’s a big money fight,” Masvidal said. “It’s a two-time division champion, and he has an impressive record, and he comes to fight. So in that aspect, yes. We’re going to both sell out wherever we’re (expletive) fighting at, and it’s going to be violent.”

That said, Masvidal won’t bully McGregor into taking the fight if he doesn’t want it.

“But if the dude doesn’t want to fight, I’m not a bully. Go do your thing. If he doesn’t want this, (expletive) him. You either want it, or you don’t. It’s fine if you don’t.”

The good news for Masvidal is that McGregor is eying his “BMF” title, so if “Gamebred” is willing to put it on the line, red panty night could happen in 2020. But, McGregor isn’t the only one on Masvidal’s radar this year, as Usman — though not his priority — can also get it.

“If it’s up to my doing, everybody is getting it. Especially that owl dude,” Masvidal said. “I’m going owl hunting. I want some owl soup. This dude, man, he’s a little disrespectful with that ‘who’ (expletive), bro. You (expletive) know who. And if you don’t, we’ll get in that ring, and you’ll find out who I am, my brother. I will gladly introduce myself to you in the ring.”

What happens at UFC 246 between McGregor and Donald Cerrone could be a major factor in Masvidal getting a “Notorious” showdown, as McGregor has his eyes on a the Lightweight title, and a win over “Cowboy” gets him there.

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