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Pic: Conor McGregor’s official walkout shirt for UFC 246 return revealed, Twitter has a field day

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Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) biggest cash cow is on his way back to the Octagon, as Conor McGregor will make his long-awaited walk to the cage at UFC 246 on Jan. 18, 2020, to face Donald Cerrone in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So aside from all of the non-stop promotional videos to hype the fight, UFC is now starting to churn out the “Notorious” merchandise, including his walkout shirt created by none other than Reebok. Naturally, social media lit up and had some rather interesting takes on the design of the shirt, which goes for $60 a pop at the official UFC store.

“Why does Travis Brown have a new UFC shirt, and why is he dressed like Conor,” read one comment. “It’s really not that bad, the face just needs to be redrawn,” said another.

“Reebok’s got to get USADA to start drug testing their graphic designers cuz whoever made that shirt and thought it was good is on entirely too much drugs.”

I’m just disappointed no one used the “Who the fook is that guy” line. Heck, even UFC fighter, Bryce Mitchell, joined in on the action.

One creative fan, though, offered some constructive criticism and his services to the UFC team. And to be honest, his work is not too shabby.

If you’re wondering what “Cowboy’s” looks like, we got you covered:

You coughing up the coin to cop one of these bad boys?

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