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Dead Ass! Tyron Woodley drops latest rap video ahead of UFC London on March 21 (video)

Tyron Woodley is a man of many hats. Aside from being one of the best Welterweight fighters in the game and the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) division champion, “The Chosen One” is an actor and a rapper, among other things.

Woodley has been in the rap game for some time now, and even collaborated with Grammy-nominated artist, Wiz Khalifa, on one of his tracks (check it out here). His most recent video (see it) was met with criticism, but that hasn’t stopped the hard-hitting striker from doing his thing.

Woodley dropped his latest video dubbed “Dead Ass” alongside fellow rapper T-Dubb-O. And while fans are always quick to criticize, you can’t blame Woodley for following one of his many passions.

That said, this may have just given Leon Edwards a bit more ammo to use against Tyron, much like he did after his previous video release. Not that Tyron gives a crap about what a “clout chaser” like “Rocky” has to say.

Though not official yet, Woodley and Edwards are set to headline an upcoming UFC Fight Night event March 21, 2020 on ESPN+ from inside O2 Arena in London, England. And don’t be surprised to hear one of Woodley’s track as his walkout song.

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