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Michael Jai White responds to ‘playground callout’ from Mike Perry

‘Dragged Across Concrete’ Photocall - 75th Venice Film Festival Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight veteran, Mike Perry, went on Twitter to defend the memory of Kimbo Slice, who may (or may not) have been disrespected by actor Michael Jai White during a YouTube video discussing the late brawler’s temperament.

White responded in kind and took a swipe at Perry’s struggles inside the cage, which are not unlike the struggles Slice faced when he failed to evolve from South Florida street slugger to mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

“Maybe if (Perry) learned my ‘Prison Movie Technique’ he wouldn’t be ranked #20,” White wrote on Twitter. “I got no time for playground callouts Brother but holla when you come thru and maybe I’ll have time to give you a personal demo. Just DM me Bro. It really ain’t that hard!”

A lot of social media “fans” are shitting on Perry and bragging about the number of black belts White has amassed across his career in martial arts, as if that somehow translates to Octagon success. Sage Northcutt has a couple of black belts too, as well as an undefeated kickboxing record, and he’s currently recuperating in Jerkwater, USA after suffering a broken face.

The only thing that proves you are tough enough to hang inside the Octagon is being tough enough to hang inside the Octagon, which is why no amount of accolades in a single discipline including boxing (James Toney) and wrestling (Ben Askren) translates to UFC success.

But I’d still pay to see that Joe Rogan vs. Wesley Snipes Dana White vs. Tito Ortiz grudge match.

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