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Mike Perry wants to beat up Michael Jai White for disrespecting Kimbo Slice

A recent YouTube video from actor and martial artist Michael Jai White has resulted in a call out from ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry.

UFC 245 Usman v Covington: Weigh-Ins Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Don’t disrespect the spirit of Kimbo Slice, or you’re going to hear from Mike Perry. That’s the lesson to learn from this latest social media battle that crosses over from Hollywood martial arts to mixed martial arts (MMA). It all stems from what “Platinum” considers a humblebrag of a video where White implies the backyard brawler was too impatient and “dominated” to accept training advice from him.

”I told Kimbo I’d teach him some pointers, the same way I’ve done with a lot of champions in the past,” White says in the video. “So me and my training partner Armani, who played Big Lamonte in the movie, agreed to train him. But Kimbo became a little too ... frustrated with the process. He was still a little freaked out and felt dominated, and sometimes that messes with a fighter’s psyche.”

”For me, I always loved to learn something new, even if that meant getting my ass kicked cuz it made me better,” he continued. “I wasn’t there to kick anybody’s ass. I was there to share. But some fighters are just too uncomfortable with new things, even if it’s proven to work. Believe me, I’ve run into a lot of this in the past. I don’t get it.”

Here’s what Perry had to say about that:

“An actor recently was saying how he was trying to teach kimbo something too difficult for kimbo to grasp,” Perry wrote. “I think you actors better stay in the movies. 1 knee make your nose look like special effects.”

“I just feel like #KimboSlice would beat the f**k outta @MichaelJaiWhite and his tone in the video really bothered me,” Perry added in another tweet. He should fight me backyard bare knuckle because I would like to learn this ‘prison movie technique’ he was talking about #PPV #Or #For #Free.”

It does sound strange that Kimbo Slice -- a man who willingly put himself through six weeks of being dominated on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) shortly after “Blood and Bone” was filmed -- would have an issue getting taught anything so long as it’s being taught properly. Sticking a camera in his face and spending five minutes repeating “See, I’m not telegraphing” over and over? May not be best approach. Add this in with the general taboo MMA fighters have about discussing training and we’re not surprised someone has come out swinging against White’s video.

Alas, while some may believe we’re in the age of UFC freakshow fights, things haven’t gotten freaky enough that you can expect a “Platinum” Perry vs. Michael Jai White fight. If the promotion was unable to make Joe Rogan vs. Welsey Snipes happen, what are the chances of this?

But hey ... Perry is currently 2-5 over his last seven bouts. If he doesn’t turn things around, maybe this is a fight than can happen outside UFC. At least both of them would get paid properly in that case.

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