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Donald Cerrone happy about ‘fat camp’ leading into McGregor fight

Not having to cut weight before their fight at UFC 246 just guarantees we see the best fight possible, says ‘Cowboy.’

Donald Cerrone

When UFC announced Conor McGregor’s comeback fight at UFC 246 on Jan. 18, 2020, it wasn’t just the opponent that made headlines but the weight class. Donald Cerrone is the man that wins the red panty night this round, and their fight will take place at welterweight.

Why 170 pounds, when both fighters are better known as lightweights (with McGregor doing most of his best work at featherweight)? Because neither man is a big fan of cutting weight. McGregor more so than Cerrone, and fortunately for both, Conor still has enough pull with management to make them accept a lightweight bout contested at welterweight.

We’ve heard a lot from Dana White about the unusual situation, and some from Conor McGregor in his recent interviews. Now “Cowboy” Cerrone is giving his thoughts on the situation, which are pretty simple and straight forward.

“I didn’t care,” Cerrone told MMA Fighting. “They called and said Conor wants to fight you at 170. I said hell yeah let’s do it. It wasn’t a beat other than that.”

“We’re both going to have a healthy, fat camp,” he continued. “How about that? We don’t have to worry about battling with diet and all that sh*t. We just get to go be who we want, train hard and show up healthy and I’m excited. All in all to get the best Conor, the best ‘Cowboy,’ this is the only way to do it.”

Honestly, it’s so simple, it makes you wonder why everyone has to go through the grueling weight cut process for the other 99.99% of fights held in the UFC.

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