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Henry Cejudo is trashing ‘wannabe’ Conor McGregor on Twitter, for some reason

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The surgically-repaired Henry Cejudo wants attention; so, we’ll give it to him.

The reigning UFC bantamweight champion, who was demoted to “Double C” after the promotion forced him to surrender his flyweight crown, was giving MMA fans a “Flashback Friday” to when he first made the decision to transition to cage fighting.

“Seven years ago today you were warned to bend the knee to the Olympic Champion now known as Triple C,” Cejudo wrote on Twitter. “I walk the talk not like that wannabe good guy Conor McGregor that can’t defend a dam takedown!”

I’ve never walked a talk or seen a dam taken down, but they sound hard.

I’m not sure why Cejudo is going after “Notorious” when the power-punching Irishman is happy at welterweight, a full four weight classes above the Olympian’s natural division. True, McGregor used to cut to featherweight, but I think we can all agree those days are long gone.

A date for Cejudo’s return, meanwhile, has yet to be established.