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Donald Cerrone has a message for the ‘stupid mother f—kers’ who think he took a dive against Conor McGregor

Longtime UFC multi-weight veteran, Donald Cerrone, got crushed in less than a minute when he fought Conor McGregor in the UFC 246 pay-per-view (PPV) main event earlier this month in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The loss was lopsided enough to elicit conspiracy theories about the “Notorious” cash cow, and how the promotion may have paid “Cowboy” a little extra scratch to take a dive, which would in turn protect the box-office draw of McGregor.

And these comments from ESPN mouthpiece Stephen A. Smith only fanned those flames.

“Take a dive you stupid motherfucker?” Cerrone wrote in response to an Instagram comment. “Who you think you’re talking to? Get a fucking life.”

“You think that’s funny?” Cerrone continued in a separate retort. “You feel like I’m the kind of man who would sell his soul? Do me a favor and unfollow me if that’s how you feel.”

Conspiracy theorists are perhaps overlooking the fact that Cerrone turns 37 in March and was coming off back-to-back knockout losses prior to fighting McGregor. In addition, “Cowboy” suffered multiple fractures from those well-planned shoulder strikes. Besides, no one in UFC would ever “fix” a fight.

Oh wait...

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