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Former UFC title contender ‘almost got killed in a car accident’

There’s a great line in that song Wait For It from the Hamilton musical:

Death doesn’t discriminate,
Between the sinners and the saints,
It takes and it takes and it takes.

People die every day and it’s impossible to let each one resonate or we would all go mad, but when a death hits close to home or rattles a specific community, it tends to make you grateful for the things you have.

Sort of in the way the loss of Kobe Bryant brought the house down in the world of sports.

That’s why former UFC title contender, Kenny Florian, is counting his blessings after a near-fatal car accident across the pond. Fortunately for “Kash Flo,” his quick-witted driver was able to avoid tragedy (at the expense of a nearby van).

Speaking of Bryant, the since-retired Florian recently completed Ep. 234 of his podcast with UFC commentator, Jon Anik, in which they discuss the untimely passing of the basketball phenom and the legacy he left behind.

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