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Phoenix Jones, local crime fighter, commits local crime

Lucas Noonan for WSOF

Former Strikeforce and World Series of Fighting (WSOF) welterweight attraction, Ben Fodor, was arrested earlier this month for allegedly selling drugs to an undercover narcotics detective at his local Starbucks in Seattle.

That’s according to a report from KOMO News.

Fodor garnered headlines several years ago for his “Phoenix Jones” shtick, where he patrolled the city streets in superhero garb. His mission was to deter petty criminals and help the less fortunate without using tried-and-true methods like Neighborhood Watch or Unicef.

And cosplay is fun! Or so I’m told.

“People think it’s crazy, but they don’t realize we have over 200 crime stops,” Jones previously told “There are over 200 people that we have put in jail, arrested or stopped from doing crazy stuff: stabbings, shootings, finding girls shackled in basements. We’ve seen crazy stuff.”

Hopefully some of those people aren’t waiting for him in the big house.

Fodor, 31, has not competed since dropping a unanimous decision to Austin Vanderford — better known as Mr. VanZant — under the CageSport banner back in late 2017. He’s expected to be arraigned on Feb. 3.

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