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Relson Gracie arrested and charged with drug trafficking

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The high profile member of the Gracie family was arrested on a bus with a bag full of illegal material as he returned to Brazil from America.

Relson Gracie - Facebook

Relson Gracie, the second oldest son of Brazilian jiu-jitsu pioneer Helio Gracie, was arrested on Friday night in Rio de Janeiro after police dogs were used to search a bus and detected drugs in the 66-year-old’s bags.

A report from the regional police website detailed the arrest (translated from Portuguese):

An elderly man was spotted by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) carrying skunk and marijuana derivatives. The narcotic was in his suitcase, traveling on an interstate bus. The case happened on the Presidente Dutra Highway (BR-116), in Piraí, in the south of Rio de Janeiro, on Friday night (24).

Teams from the PRF’s Dog Operations Group (GOC / RJ) approached the bus, which ran the São Paulo x Rio de Janeiro line. During the inspection, the dogs K9 Bud and K9 Stella, specialists in the drug scent, showed that there was something wrong with two bags.

After identifying the owner of the suitcases, the police opened and found several bottles containing skunk, a more potent marijuana, and derivatives of the drug in various formats - cream, oil and grass. In addition, a international airline ticket was found with the 66-year-old passenger, indicating the possibility of the material being of foreign origin.

And he would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for Bud and Stella.

Agencia PRF

Interestingly enough, the police provide a photo and short video that displays some of the items Relson allegedly held in his bags. Some of them are clearly marked as MCT oil (a short chain fatty acid found in coconut oil used by many athletes) and CBD tinctures. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana that is said to generate many of the health benefits often ascribed to smoking weed.

Of course, who knows what the hell a bunch of those random grinders and jars are holding, or if there’s more than what we saw in the provided material. CBD is legal in Brazil so long as there is no more than 0.2 percent THC content in it, so if this is just a straight up misunderstanding, Relson could be vindicated fairly soon.

If a closer inspection of his dank luggage shows he was hauling straight reefer, shatter, and perhaps some tasty butters, the Gracie family member could be facing 15 years in jail on drug trafficking charges.