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Nate Diaz wants to ‘watch what happens’ before planning next UFC fight

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There’s few fighters in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) who many fans care more about than Nate Diaz. Conor McGregor, sure. Jorge Masvidal, if you followed 2019. Khabib Nurmagomedov, okay. But there’s a fascination with Diaz that didn’t end even after he lost his last fight pretty definitively to Masvidal at UFC 244 (watch highlights). We’re all still waiting with bated breath as to what’ll come for the younger Diaz brother next.

Unfortunately, it sounds like we won’t be learning that any time soon.

”I want to watch what happens in the next few months,” Diaz said when ESPN caught up to him cornering his buddy Chris Avila at Saturday’s Bellator 238.

He also expanded on his comments during UFC 246 when he tweeted out “Weak as f**k,” and ”This s**t’s all fake,” following the McGregor vs. Cerrone fight.

”Cowboy doesn’t care about winning and losing,” Diaz said. “So [McGregor] didn’t have a very hard fight on his hands.”

As McGregor made clear after the “Cowboy” fight, Diaz is in the running for Conor McGregor’s next opponent.

”Let’s go, Nathan,” Conor said when asked about a trilogy fight with Diaz. “Let’s go, brudda. Number tree. It’s always here!”

But as usual, Diaz isn’t letting anyone else dictate the terms of his return. When asked when we might see him back in the cage, Diaz didn’t give us any clear indication.

”When the time is right,” he replied simply.