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UFC 246 ‘Thrill & Agony’ video: Conor McGregor’s coach was not surprised, mother—kers

One of the reasons the UFC “Thrill & Agony” series on Fight Pass is named such, is because cameras are put in place to capture the thrill of victory, as well as the agony of defeat. So why was everyone on Team “Notorious” — with the exception of head coach John Kavanagh — jumping up and down when Conor McGregor captured a technical knockout win over Donald Cerrone?

Perhaps that’s his coaching style, or perhaps he was expecting nothing less than a quick, efficient victory from the former two-division champion, as you can see from his non-reaction in the “Thrill & Agony” video preview embedded above. Speaking of reaction, it was hard to watch Team “Cowboy” watch their fighter go down in flames, but it was reassuring to see Cerrone walking back to the locker room with his son.


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