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Kevin Lee blasts wack Masvidal and Khabib, not impressed by Conor McGregor’s win over ‘chinny’ Cowboy

Conor McGregor may have made an emphatic statement with his 40-second technical knockout win over Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 (see it), but not everyone was overly-impressed with the win. Chief among them is Kevin Lee, who has had his eye on Conor for some time now. To hear “The Motown Phenom” break down the fight, beating an “over the hill” fighter with a weak chin is nothing to brag about.

“I ain’t been impressed with nothing in UFC for a minute, to be honest. This shit is starting to get wack,” Lee said during a recent interview on The Ariel Helwani MMA Show.

“And Conor is up there with it,” he continued. “I mean, he got the job done and got the money, but he fought a guy that was tailor-picked for him, and was chinny. Anytime you go down by shoulder strikes, and it stings you, and this ain’t too slick ‘Cowboy,’ I am not one of those people that think ‘Cowboy’ laid down. But if a shoulder is hurting you, that means your chin is gone and they already knew that. So, I’m not impressed. I am a little irritated by it, to be honest.”

“When I have to go to the store and hear people talking like he did this to ‘Cowboy,’ and that he’s back, blah, blah blah. Like, come on man. We out here really fighting. I’m really fighting, I had my comeback fight in November, and I took on an undefeated guy. I didn’t take on someone that is a little over the hill. So yeah, I am a little irritated by it, to be honest.”

Indeed, Lee knocked out the previously-undefeated Gregor Gillespie at UFC 244 (see it). And to see McGregor get what he referred to as a “tune-up” fight, simply doesn’t sit well with him. And if that’s the new norm inside the Octagon, Lee says he has yet to get that memo since he keeps taking on nothing but top guys.

For the record, Lee says he is in no way trying to disrespect Cerrone, a fighter whom he respects very much. But, McGregor isn’t the only who has drawn the ire of Lee. Other than Israel Adesanya, there is no one who has impressed him as of late, and he isn’t afraid to name names.

“Jorge Masvidal, all of a sudden he’s the top guy, and he out here doing the fakest, wackest shit,” Lee said. “Khabib, wack, Tony Ferguson, wack, Conor, wack, Jorge Masvidal, wack. They are all fucking wack to me, so I don’t know I’m on a different wave length.”

In Lee’s assessment, McGregor should have taken part in a “real fight” against someone like himself or Justin Gaethje. For now, Lee says he’s going to take all his pent up frustrations with him into camp as he prepares to face Charles Oliveira at UFC Fight Night 170 on March 14, 2020, in Brasilia, Brazil.

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