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Floyd teases ‘Mayweather vs. McGregor 2’ after Conor’s big UFC 246 win

Here we go again?

One of the fun things about Conor McGregor’s return to fighting is that it involves a long list of exciting potential opponents for the Irishman to face. Khabib. Masvidal. Diaz. Ferguson. Usman. Felder? Yep, McGregor called out Paul Felder in the cage for some reason after his 40 second TKO of Donald Cerrone at UFC 246. Lots of options. Even Manny Pacquiao, which seems like a good way to suffer a TBI. But who are we to stop anyone.

Unfortunately, Floyd Mayweather is also on the list. McGregor and Mayweather did good business together back in 2017, and I suppose at the time it was an entertaining diversion. But little mystery remains as to how a rematch would go, and it would distract McGregor away from more interesting fights he might actually win.

But Conor being Conor, he’s already said he’d be interested in a rematch. And following his mauling of “Cowboy,” Floyd Mayweather sounds down too. He shared this mock up of a poster for the hypothetical rematch:

Dana White addressed the poster and the possibility of Floyd drawing Conor away from the Octagon during the UFC 246 post fight press conference.

”These are great problems to have,” White said. “I’ll deal with them.”

Later on the conversation came back to Mayweather.

”Listen, we’re doing something with Floyd,” White said. “Tonight’s the night of the fight, we have the Khabib fight coming. There’s so much coming on. Floyd is in our plans and we are in Floyd’s plans and we’re going to do something later this year.”

That certainly makes a possible rematch much easier to put together than the original, which saw White adamantly refuse to consider it as a serious possibility for months. And hey, if there’s one thing that might make me begrudgingly accept the idea of Mayweather vs. McGregor 2, it’s an extremely streamlined negotiation and promotion schedule.

If it was, hypothetically, one of McGregor’s three fights of 2020? There’s definitely better uses of his time, and better opponents to face. But if he’s already fighting twice in MMA, I say let the man have a little boxing superfight, as a treat.

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