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Kamaru Usman knows exactly who Jorge Masvidal is, he just hasn’t earned a UFC title shot yet

As it stands, Jorge Masvidal is the man who will likely get the next title shot against Welterweight kingpin, Kamaru Usman, later this year. The only problem is, Usman doesn’t know who Masvidal is, according to “Gamebred.” But that’s not entirely true, Kamaru acknowledges Jorge and has given him credit in the past, he just doesn’t feel he’s earned his way up the ladder as a title contender yet.

“He’s misunderstanding me,” Usman explained when speaking to MMA Fighting. “He’s playing that angle that I’m saying I don’t know who he is. I know exactly who he is and I’ve given him props.

“That’s the one thing about me, I’m not a hater in any way, shape, form or fashion,” he continued. “I give respect where respect is due. Him fighting, yeah, I know him fighting but when they brought up you fight Jorge Masvidal next I’m like ‘who?’

For Usman, there are several other contenders ahead of Masvidal who are more deserving at a crack at his crown. And not owning a win over a top-ranked fighter means Masvidal has some more work to do.

“There are guys that are more deserving [of a title shot],” Usman said. “Jorge Masvidal doesn’t have a win over anyone in the top six. Does not have a win over anybody in the top six. I’ve beaten five of the top six guys in the division. That’s why I said that.”

To be fair, the rankings at the moment do not tell the entire tale. Masvidal is the owner of three straight wins against former title contender, Darren Till, Nate Diaz and handed Ben Askren his first-ever loss, all via knockout or technical knockout.

And at the time of said wins, both Askren and Till were in the Top 5.

Other than Leon Edwards — who has won eight straight — no other contender in the Top 5 (excluding Usman, of course) has a better mark over the last year. So unless Usman plans to rematch Colby Covington (No. 2) or Tyron Woodley (No. 1), Masvidal seems like shoe-in for the title shot.

Unless “Rocky” can slide in there and get the bout.

For Usman, however, there is one person who deserves a title fight before Masvidal, and that’s none other than former division king, Georges St-Pierre.

“There’s just guys who are absolutely more deserving,” Usman said. “You’re telling me right now if Georges St-Pierre comes back, he’s not more deserving of that title shot than Jorge Masvidal? Absolutely he gets it.

Then again, that is just a hypothetical scenario because as we all know “Rush” is not walking through that Octagon door anytime soon, removing yet another hurdle standing in Masvidal’s way.

Still, Masvidal and his team haven’t exactly been screaming for a shot at the title, saying they prefer a big-money fight against the likes of Conor McGregor, or perhaps even Nick Diaz since a UFC belt will always be around, while “Notorious” may not.

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