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Bellator 226 results: Live ‘Bader vs Kongo’ streaming play-by-play updates

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Bader vs Kongo
Bellator 226
Bellator MMA

Bellator 226: “Bader vs. Kongo” airs TONIGHT (Sat., Sept. 7, 2019) from SAP Center in San Jose, Calif., streaming online exclusively via DAZN. The “champ-champ” Ryan Bader (27-5) will put his 265-pound title on the line against Cheick Kongo (30-10-2), winner of eight straight fights.

Bellator 226’s main card will start at 10 p.m. ET with “Prelims” undercard bouts beginning at 7 p.m. ET, both on DAZN (watch it). will deliver results and play-by-play for the Bellator MMA card below.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 226) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it’s always a lot of fun!


Ryan Bader vs. Cheick KongoNO CONTEST at 3:52 of R1.
Daniel Straus vs. Derek CamposCampos UD 30-26, 30-25 X2.
Pat Curran vs. Adam BoricsBorics TKO 4:59 R2.
Emmanuel Sanchez vs. Tywan ClaxtonSanchez sub (triangle) 4:11 R2.
Sam Sicilia vs. Pedro CarvalhoCarvalho sub (face crank) 1:56 R2.
Gaston Bolanos vs. Daniel CareyCarey tech. sub (guillotine) 4:19 R1.
John Teixeira vs. Ashleigh GrimshawTeixeira TKO (corner) 5:00 R2.
Christopher Gonzalez vs. Luis VargasGonzalez UD 30-27, 30-26, 30-25.
Cass Bell vs. Isaiah RochaBell tech. sub (guillotine) 1:21 R1.
Amber Leibrock vs. Jessica BorgaBorga sub (armbar) 4:45 R1.
James Terry vs. Batsumberel DagvadorjDagvadorj sub (bulldog) 2:43 R1.
Adam Piccolotti vs. Jacob SmithPiccolotti sub (RNC) 2:34 R2.
Hyder Amil vs. Ignacio OrtizAmil SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Abraham Vaesau vs. Renato AlvesAlves sub (RNC) 3:36 R3.
Ivan Batinich vs. Daniel ComptonBatinich sub (RNC) 4:33 R2.
Cornelius Savage vs. Evan GuberaSavage SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Favian Gutierrez vs. Alan BensonBenson SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Peter Ishiguro vs. Elias AndersonIshiguro UD 29-28 X3.
Daniel Gonzalez vs. Jonathan AdamsGonzalez sub (strikes) 4:56 R2.
Albert Gonzalez vs. Tyson MillerMiller TKO (injury) 1:18 R1.


Ryan Bader vs. Cheick Kongo

The “champ-champ” Ryan Bader comes in 27-5 for this 265 lb. title defense. Cheick Kongo comes in 30-10-2 on an eight fight win streak. Kongo sports the black trunks and blue gloves tonight and hails from/fights out of Paris, France. The champ Bader sports the red gloves and black trunks, hailing from Reno, NV and fighting out of Chandler, Arizona. The referee in charge is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Bader connects with a left hand 13 seconds in and a second 5 seconds later. Kongo looks for a takedown and Bader stuffs it. Bader connects with knees in the process. The left hand lands home at 50 seconds. Kongo shifts back and forth against the cage until Bader looks for the double and gets it at 1:14. He quickly moves to side control and then full mount at 1:56. Bader hits right hands as Kongo tries to hang on. Kongo sits up against the fence at the halfway point. Beltran yells at someone for grabbing the fence. Beltran stops the fight and the crowd starts booing. It appears Kongo took a finger to the eye. Kongo can’t see out of his left eye and the fight is over.

Final result: The fight is ruled a no contest due to an accidental eye poke at 3:52 of R1.

Daniel Straus vs. Derek Campos

Former champion Straus continues his comeback tour with a 26-8 record in the opening round of the 145 lb. tournament. Exciting fighter Derek Campos hopes to bring things from Lubbock, Texas all the way to San Jose with a 19-9 record, but currently he’s on a three fight losing streak. Campos runs to the ring in yellow/black trunks with blue gloves. Straus calmly walks to the ring in the white trunks and red gloves. He fights out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Our referee in charge is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Straus slips throwing a high kick and Campos swarms to immediately get on top. Straus tries to keep him body to body in full guard but Campos is trying to jump to one side or the other. Straus uses his legs to hold Campos in place for a bit but Campos finally passes to half at 1:39. Short left hand to the face by Campos. Straus is working his way toward a kimura attempt. Three minutes gone. Campos moves toward the back and then to a possible arm triangle from the other side. He jumps back into guard when he can see it’s not there. Right hands and elbows to the face. Campos moves to full mount at 4:27. He postures up for some ground and pound late. 10-9 Campos.

Round 2: Campos gets a takedown 16 seconds in. Short right elbows on top followed by lefts to the head. Straus takes multiple lefts to the body as he tries to hang on and not let Campos posture up. Campos moves his way to half guard at 2:50. Campos keeps inching his way up and gets a full mount and now Straus is in danger of being caught in an arm triangle or some big damage if Campos can posture up. Lefts to the head. Right elbows. Lefts and rights with short time. He turns it up again to end the round with the Sakuraba double hammers. 10-9 Campos.

Round 3: Campos whiffs on a high kick to open. Straus misses with a knee but connects with a leg kick. Campos wades in with his hands high. Straus steps forward the same. Campos jabs his way into a shoot for the legs and hits the takedown at 1:15. He’s immediately in half guard. He moves to full mount at 1:58 and then immediately to side control with the arm triangle sunk in tight. He moves back to full mount at 2:18 when Straus doesn’t submit. Hard lefts to the body from Campos. Straus tries to scoot and side back up but that gives Campos side mount to strike. No matter where he moves Campos stays riding on top, and when things open up he rains down shots. Straus tries to get his arms up to block the damaging blows. Hard left elbow. Straus gets back up with 30 seconds left but he gets rocked by a knee and knocked down again. Campos throws lefts and rights to the head to end the fight. 10-9 Campos.

Final result: Derek Campos wins via 30-26 and 30-25 X2 for a unanimous decision.

Pat Curran vs. Adam Borics

Curran comes in 23-8 having lost his last fight against A.J. McKee. Adam Borics comes in a perfect 13-0 in his young career. Borics has the blue gloves and the silver/black trunks. Red gloves and black trunks for Curran. Borics fights out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Curran fights out of Crystal Lake, Illinois. The ref is Frank Trigg.

Round 1: Nothing big happens in the first minute other than Borics establishing the range and forcing Curran to back up to the outside circle. Curran eventually muscles his way forward but Borics controls the center and continues to punish with jabs and leg kicks. He even throws a spinning back kick at 2:40. Borics teases a flying knee and doesn’t connect but does with the double right jab. He teases a flying knee again. Curran throws a combo and Borics blocks it. 10-9 Borics.

Round 2: A tap of gloves starts the round. Solid left hook for Borics. High kick is checked. Borics connects with a combo. A leg kick. Curran seems flummoxed by his opponent’s output. Body kick for Borics. The crowd is buzzing though. They think that this fight has too measured of a pace. After three straight submissions you can hardly blame them. 2:30 gone. Low kick by Borics and the boo birds come calling. Trigg warns them to aim the kicks other than to the groin. Jab to the body from Borics. Kick to the leg. Leg kick connects, left cross does not. Right hook blocked. Curran comes forward and misses with a spinning backfist. Borics lands a flying knee with a minute to left and Curran is hurt. Borics takes his back on the ground. Borics lays in the hammerfists and elbows with short time left. Curran is warned to fight back and Trigg waves it off RIGHT BEFORE THE BELL.

Final result: Adam Borics wins by technical knockout at 4:59 of the second round.

Emmanuel Sanchez vs. Tywan Claxton

Claxton sports the black 1 LAW trunks and blue gloves and has a record of 5-0. Sanchez sports the white trunks, red gloves, and has a record of 18-4 as a former No. 1 contender. Claxton hails from Cleveland, Ohio and Sanchez from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our referee in charge of this fight is Rob Madrigal.

Round 1: Sanchez charges out with a flying knee but Claxton is able to avoid it. They settle in, clinch up, Claxton gets a takedown and is on top in full guard. Sanchez gets to one knee but is eating lefts to the face. He stands up at 1:20 and is able to escape a single leg. Claxton jabs and Sanchez misses with a head kick. Claxton takes a body kick and shoots for another takedown. He has it at 2:14. Sanchez tries to work his legs up around his head. Madrigal warns both men to not grab the cage with toes OR fingers. Sanchez avoids the triangle and potential armbar setup for the moment and presses Sanchez into the fence. Sanchez sits up and gets up at 3:40. They break 11 seconds later. Sanchez throws a high kick that’s checked. Claxton with a leg kick. Body kick and high kick from Sanchez. Another high kick is checked. They tie up at 4:43 and Sanchez hits the trip takedown to full mount for some vicious hammerfists at the end. 10-9 Sanchez.

Round 2: Shots traded both ways in the first ten seconds. Claxton goes for a flying knee of his own. They clinch again and Claxton fails to get the trip takedown. Sanchez pressures and Claxton ties him up a second time. Foot stomps from Sanchez. Knees to the thighs. He tries to scissor a leg with his own legs. Claxton turns Sanchez around with a body lock. He drops levels looking for a single leg but Sanchez keeps his balance until 2:13. Sanchez has an inverted triangle and control of the right arm. He lets it go to go for a better attempt and pulls down on the head. Sanchez throws elbows at Claxton’s head for good measure. Hammerfists and elbows to the top of the head. Claxton taps at. He leaves the cage and celebrates right in front of Ranallo and McCarthy!

Final result: Emmanuel Sanchez wins via submission (triangle choke) 4:11 of round two.

Sam Sicilia vs. Pedro Carvalho

Sicilia sports the silver trunks with black trim, red gloves, a 17-9 record, and he’s 2-1 in Bellator fighting out of Spokane, Washington. Carvalho sports the blue gloves with black trunks and is 10-3, fighting out of Dublin, Ireland. The referee in charge is Josh Rosenthal.

Round 1: Carvalho and Sicilia are quick to engage. Carvalho provides the forward pressure and tags Sicilia with a left hand. Sicilia winds up on top on a guillotine attempt by Carvalho. Carvalho tries to push off the fence with his feet and is warned to not link his toes. Sicilia takes the back as Carvalho tries to get up and gets one hook in. Sicilia tries to lock up a kimura but can’t secure it and Carvalho gets back up. Right hand to the body and head from Sicilia before he eats a hard body kick and gets another takedown. Sicilia takes the back at 3:12 looking for a rear naked choke. Carvalho escapes and is on top in half guard throwing short elbows. Carvalho is looking for a guillotine choke or a neck crank. Sicilia escapes at 4:25. Carvalho has North-South and takes the back with short time. Sicilia lets him into guard and survives the round. Close round either way. 10-9 Sicilia.

Round 2: Carvalho with a knee to the body early. Body kick and a left hand from Carvalho. Sicilia with a short right uppercut and a lead left. Body kick at 1:15 and Sicilia goes for a takedown in response. Carvalho overpowers him to the ground and takes his back. Carvalho goes for the face crank and gets it, improving to 4-0 in Bellator so far.

Final result: Pedro Carvalho via submission (face crank) at 1:56 in round two.

Gaston Bolanos vs. Daniel Carey

Carey is 6-3 in the blue gloves and black trunks fighting out of Fort Smith, Arkansas by way of Oakland, California. Bolanos is 5-1 in the red gloves and aqua green trunks out of Dublin, California. Our referee in charge of the fight is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Bolanos is throwing kicks to the left leg of Carey to start. Carey is continually backing up and finally comes forward to let his hands go at 1:25 to no effect. Bolanos keeps his hands high and continues to chip away at his opponent. Carey does land a couple of right hands and checks a left kick aimed at his head. Body kick from Bolanos. Left hand hurts Carey. Bolanos smells the blood and throws a few more against the fence then resets. They tie up and go to the cage. Carey goes for a guillotine choke and Beltran asks Bolanos multiple times to “show me you’re there” — he doesn’t and Beltran stops the bout!

Final result: Daniel Carey via technical submission (guillotine choke) at 4:19 in R1.

John Teixeira vs. Ashleigh Grimshaw

Teixeira is 22-4-2 in the red gloves and black/green trunks, fighting out of Macapa, Brazil. Grimshaw is 20-10-1 in the blue gloves and black Bellator trunks, fighting out of London, England. The referee in charge is Frank Trigg.

Round 1: Teixeira is winging left hands at Grimshaw and he is responding in kind. Grimshaw goes for a high kick that’s checked. Teixeira goes for one and mises. Grimshaw circles to his right and gets caught with a flurry. 1:30 gone. Grimshaw backs away circles to his right and eats a right. Teixeira with a front kick and a counter right that briefly stuns Grimshaw. Body kick from Teixeira. Grimshaw almost runs out of real estate but circles off the fence back to center. Grimshaw with an uppercut and Teixeira with a right. Head kick. Left hand. Flying knee. Teixeira keeps hurting Grimshaw but somehow he stays standing. 90 seconds left. Another head kick for Teixeira. Grimshaw looks unsteady on his feet as he eats another right hand. Leg kick for Teixeira. Head kick. Flying knee. Left hook. Big right hand by Teixeira. Left from Teixeira. 10-8 Teixeira.

Round 2: Grimshaw has a cut over his left eye as R2 gets underway. Teixeira throws a front kick as Grimshaw paws at the range. He tries to come in to attack and gets knocked backward on his butt with a left. Teixeira pours it on against the fence and hits Grimshaw with a head kick when he gets up. Left hook from Teixeira. Grimshaw has cuts on each side of his face now. Grimshaw falls down trying to come forward and is knocked down by another left hook. A third knockdown and the ref should step in. Body kick by Grimshaw. Grimshaw misses with a spinning elbow and is taken down. 2:30 remains. Teixeira spins his way to side control and is looking for an armbar but Grimshaw recovers to half guard. Left hands and elbows from Teixeira. Teixeira stands up and surveys his opponent with 45 seconds remaining. He comes back down for two brutal right elbows. Grimshaw is a bloody mess. The doctor could step in to stop it between rounds. 10-8 again.

Round 3: Grimshaw’s corner waves it off and this fight is over.

Final result: John Teixeira wins via TKO as Grimshaw’s corner concedes at 5:00 of round two.

Christopher Gonzalez vs. Luis Vargas

Blue gloves, 2-3, fighting out of San Jose is Luis Vargas. Red gloves, 2-0, fighting out of Sacramento is Christopher Gonzalez. The ref is Rob Madrigal.

Round 1: Gonzalez gets a takedown 10 seconds into the fight and quickly moves to take the back, but only gets one hook in before Vargas stands up. He takes Vargas down again at 0:42. Gonzalez backs up and throws a bomb down the pipe before jumping back on top in half guard. Full mount at 1:44. Vargas hangs on to his head and arms to keep it body to body. Gonzalez keeps trying to break the grip and push his opponent’s head away and finally postures up at 3:16 for a slicing elbow, then goes for the back but loses position as Vargas gets on top. Gonzalez scrambles to his feet with a minute left. Vargas is taken down again at 4:15. 10-9 Gonzalez.

Round 2: Gonzalez hits a takedown to an immediate full mount to open R2. Vargas gives up his back and Gonzalez locks on a body triangle, but Vargas is able to escape and tries to keep Gonzalez grounded with a front headlock. That doesn’t work. Gonzalez gets a takedown at 2:15 and takes the back as Vargas stands up, then hits a foot sweep and gets another full mount. Vargas escapes again. Gonzalez and Vargas trade hands until Gonzalez throws Vargas to the ground again at 3:13. Vargas gives up his back and Gonzalez flattens him out before going for the arm triangle choke. Mauro Ranallo is excited that Vargas is sporting a “crimson mask” underneath Gonzalez. 10-9 Gonzalez.

Round 3: Vargas tries to let the hands go but Gonzalez gets a body lock and pushes Vargas into the fence. Takedown at 1:12. Gonzalez tries to go for a rear naked choke but Vargas spins underneath and is now face to face with Gonzalez in full mount. Vargas escapes at 2:46. Gonzalez gets (surprise surprise) another takedown bur Vargas escapes and is briefly on top. They trade knees standing until Gonzalez pushes Vargas into the fence. They start swinging wildly with 14 seconds left until Gonzalez gets one more takedown. 10-9 Gonzalez.

Final result: 30-27, 30-26, 30-25 all for Gonzalez by unanimous decision.

Cass Bell vs. Isaiah Rocha

Bell is 3-0 in the red gloves and red trimmed green trunks out of Humboldt County, California. Rocha is 1-0 in the blue gloves and black trunks out of Arroyo Grande, California. Our referee in charge is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Bell rocks Rocha with a left hand and gets a guillotine choke that’s so tight Rocha goes out without tapping out. That was quick and violent!

Final result: Cass Bell via technical submission (guillotine choke) at 1:21 of round one.

Amber Leibrock vs. Jessica Borga

Leibrock is 3-3 in the red gloves and ruby top, fighting out of Hayward, California. Borga is 2-2 in the blue gloves and red top, fighting out of Lakeland, Florida. Our referee for this contest is Rob Madrigal.

Round 1: Touch of gloves to start. Borga catches the left leg and tries to dump Leibrock to the ground. Leibrock turns her around against the fence and lands a nice elbow. They continue to fight for dominance against the cage as the first minute and a half ticks by. Leibrock tries to peel Borga off as Borga locks hands behind her back. They continue to spin with Leibrock landing knees and Borga looking for a takedown. They finally break apart at 3:11. Leibrock lands two right hands and comes forward. Borga ties her up and drops levels. Borga gets the takedown and has full mount with 40 seconds left. Right hands and elbows pour down. Leibrock tries to escape but gives up an armbar in the process and taps out.

Final result: Jessica Borga via submission (armbar) at 4:45 of round one.

James Terry vs. Batsumberel Dagvadorj

Blue gloves for Dagvadorj, 5-0, fighting out of San Francisco. Red gloves for Terry, 20-10, fighting out of San Jose. Our referee for this contest is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Glove tap to start. For those wondering Terry’s opponent is pronounced “dow-durch” according to Mr. Ranallo. Dagvadorj lands a good left hand, Terry goes for a takedown, but Dagvadorj stuffs it. Terry lands a right hand. Dagvadorj lands a combo. Terry gets popped with a left jab as he comes forward and is knocked down by another left at 2:14. Terry winds up with Dagvadorj taking his neck and submitting him with a bulldog choke — this one is ALL OVER.

Final result: Batsumberel Dagvadorj wins via submission (bulldog) at 2:43 of round one.

Adam Piccolotti vs. Jacob Smith

Piccolotti is 11-3 in the black trunks and red gloves fighting out of Half Moon Bay, California. Smith is 7-2 in the blue gloves and American Top Team trunks, fighting out of Vancouver, Washington. The referee for this fight is Josh Rosenthal.

Round 1: Piccolotti throws a head kick that’s checked and a leg kick that’s not. Smith clips Piccolotti with a hard right. Smith tags him again with a left jab. Piccolotti drops levels to push Smith to the fence at 1:36. Piccolotti lands a right hand as he backs away from the cage. He shoots again at 2:13 and gets him down 7 seconds later with a SLAM. Smith eats rights to the body and head as Piccolotti is on top in half guard. Smith sits up and gets up at 3:27 and Piccolotti takes him right back down. Piccolotti lands a knee as Smith gets to his feet again. Smith continues to fire hard rights. Piccolotti lands a head kick and a straight left. 10-9 Piccolotti.

Round 2: Piccolotti’s first takedown attempt of the round is stuffed. Piccolotti kicks a little close to the cup and Rosenthal reminds him to keep it clean in response. Piccolotti lands a jab and Smith returns the favor. Piccolotti gets a takedown at 2:02 and quickly cinches up a body triangle, unloading with vicious round and pound, and Smith gives up his back and taps out at 2:34 to the R-N-C.

Final result: Adam Piccolotti via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:34 of round two.

Hyder Amil vs. Ignacio Ortiz

Gray trunks, blue gloves, 2-0-1 from Oakland is Ignacio Ortiz. Black trunks, red gloves, 3-0 from San Francisco is Hyder Amil. Our referee in charge is Josh Rosenthal.

Round 1: Neither man is afraid to trade leather in the first 30 seconds. Amil clinches to throw a knee. He’s got Ortiz backing up and circling on the outside. Another knee flush at 1:03. Ortiz lands a couple of nice lefts to the head as Amil looks to press him into the fence and score a takedown at 1:45. Rosenthal gives a warning for fingers to the eyes as they duel at close quarters. Amil breaks a closed guard and throws a brief ground & pound flurry before getting stuck again. He breaks again at the four minute mark and lands a nasty elbow, then a big knee as Ortiz gets back up. Amil wobbles Ortiz with an elbow. 10-9 Amil.

Round 2: Amil comes forward with a flurry of hands and knees at 16 seconds. He continues to pursue but Ortiz gets a takedown at 40 seconds. Amil draws two warnings for grabbing the fence as he tries to get back to his feet. He hits a switch and is on top in closed guard at 1:25. Ortiz goes for an inverted triangle but Amil breaks it and throws an uppercut as they stand back up. Amil shoots and hits the takedown at 3:35. Ortiz gives up his back and briefly stands up, then eats a knee as he gets up again. More knees from Amil with 20 seconds to go but Ortiz goes land one good elbow in the exchange. 10-9 Amil.

Round 3: Ortiz and Amil dance the dance for the first minute, with Amil landing knees and ultimately getting a takedown at 1:30. Ortiz gets right back up. Amil gets another takedown at 2:16. Ortiz sweeps with a kimura attempt and is on top. He draws a warning for fingers to the faces. Amil gets to the fence and gets back up at 3:27. Ortiz tries and fails to get a takedown as time ticks away. Ortiz gets a takedown at 4:50. 10-9 Ortiz.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28 Ortiz, 29-28 Amil, 29-28 Amil by split decision.

Abraham Vaesau vs. Renato Alves

Black trunks and blue gloves, 5-4, hailing from Brazil is Alves. Red gloves and red trimmed trunks, 5-2, hailing from San Francisco is Vaesau. The referee in charge is Frank Trigg.

Round 1: Both men are throwing a variety of kicks in the first minute. Neither man is establishing dominance with their hands or their feet. Vaesau throws a spin kick that’s not even close. Alves tags him with a combo. There’s a low kick but both men agree to continue when Trigg checks in. Vaesau tries to land with southpaw power but Alves gets out of the way in time. Body kick by Alves. Ranallo called this “a feeling out process” but that’s being generous. It’s more like a sparring session. Body kick by Alves. Alves with a left jab. 10-9 Alves.

Round 2: The first two minutes of this round could be ANY two minutes of the last round. The announcers are having a hard time coming up with nice things to say. Alves pops Vaesau with a right hand at 2:30. Alves has the better strikes, as infrequent as they may be. “We’re nerding out here” quips Ranallo — “not much play by play to do in this round.” INDEED. Vaesau keeps coming forward but not landing. Alves hits the kicks and jabs in response. Body kick by Alves. McCarthy: “Alves touches. Vaesau grazes. One’s getting the better shots.” 10-9 Alves.

Round 3: Vaesau finally lands one good hand at 1:28 out of a three punch combo. Leg kick at 2:09 makes Vaesau change his stance. Alves goes for a single leg takedown and Vaesau grabs the top of the cage, drawing a warning from Trigg, but Alves gets the takedown and has a full mount anyway. Vaesau gives up his back and Alves goes for the rear naked choke. Trigg waves the fight off as Vaesau taps.

Final result: Renato Alves via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:36 of round three.

Ivan Batinich vs. Daniel Compton

Batinich is 3-1 in the black trunks and red gloves out of San Jose, California. Compton is 2-1 in the blue gloves and gray trunks out of Santa Cruz, California. The referee in charge is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Compton goes for a takedown immediately and gets it. Batinich gets his back when they stand back up. Compton slips out and Batinich has him against the fence. Batinich takes Compton down at 1:30 and lands a hard elbow. He moves to side control at 2:16 and then North-South. Compton gets back up at 2:43 but he’s German suplexed and Batinich is going for a rear naked choke. Batinich almost gets an armbar but Compton escapes. Batinich tries to hang on to the back as Compton starts to get back up. Batinich is leaking red from his forehead. Foot stomps from Batinich. 10-9 Batinich.

Round 2: Batinich sprawls to block a takedown. Batinich goes for an arm in guillotine in the scramble. Compton peels him off. Batinich goes for a kimura. North-South position. Side control. Compton bucks and Batinich lands in full mount with two minutes left. Compton tries to push off the fence with his feet and Batinich ends up on his back. Batinich is trying to flatten out Compton to go for the rear naked choke. He may have it. 40 seconds left. Compton taps out at 4:33.

Final result: Ivan Batinich wins via submission (RNC) at 4:33 of the second round.

Cornelius Savage vs. Evan Gubera

Blue gloves and black trunks, pro record of 0-1, fighting out of Niles, CA is Gubera. Red gloves and gold trunks, making his pro debut, fighting out of Vallejo, CA is Savage. Jason Herzog is the referee.

Round 1: Gubera briefly knocks Savage off his feet with a leg kick. One minute gone. There’s a lot of nothing going on so Mauro Ranallo is making Animal House jokes. The two clinch up just past the two minute mark. Savage drops levels but fails to get the takedown. Ranallo: “Savage would have won me over if his nickname was Macho Man.” Savage gets a takedown at 2:53. He can’t do much with it or keep Gubera there. Savage gets another takedown at 4:09. Gubera gets back up again. 10-9 Savage.

Round 2: Savage tries and fails to get a takedown and they break at 1:58. “How would you describe Savage’s fighting style John?” McCarthy: “Limited!” Gubera tags Savage with a few good rights. 90 seconds left in the round. Superman punch by Gubera. Spinning back kick misses. Savage goes for a single leg and can’t get it but then he throws Gubera high in the air and spikes his head. Despite that late takedown 10-9 Gubera.

Round 3: Touch of gloves to start. Savage lands a couple of kicks. Gubera lands lefts and rights. Savage keeps throwing leg kicks as Gubera keeps coming forward. Gubera tags Savage with a right. Leg kick response. Halfway point of R3. McCarthy: “There’s a ton of air being killed.” Hard leg kick by Gubera. High kick shaves Savage’s head. Gubera picks up the pace with a flurry of strikes. Savage lands two lefts. 1-2 for Gubera. Savage shoots in and gets tagged several times. Gubera goes for a head kick, Savage gets on top, and Gubera is going for a triangle choke. He’s got the armbar too with ten seconds left. Savage survives but that may have been a bad choice if he injured his arm. 10-9 Gubera. Ranallo is left apoplectic when the scores are read.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28 Gubera, 29-28 Savage, and 29-28 Savage by split decision.

Favian Gutierrez vs. Alan Benson

Benson has the black trunks and blue gloves, he’s 0-1, and he fights out of Castro Valley, CA. Gutierrez has the black trunks and red gloves, he’s 2-2, and he fights out of San Jose. The referee in charge here is Josh Rosenthal.

Round 1: Gutierrez looks huge compared to his opponent even though they are both technically Middleweights. Benson seems intimidated by it and is constantly moving backward. I think Rosenthal is about to warn him that he needs to engage. He’s certainly giving him a dirty look. The crowd lights up whenever Gutierrez backs Benson up and opens up with his hands. Benson lands a good left hand before the four minute mark. Benson has gradually picked up the pace. Gutierrez with a hard left and a leg kick. 10-9 Benson.

Round 2: Gutierrez drops Benson a minute into the round and moves to full mount. “Gallo” Gutierrez keeps trying to posture up and Benson keeps trying to hang on. The action slows to a crawl for about two minutes. Gutierrez finally lands a right hand and immediately draws a warning to watch the back of the head. Ugh. 10-9 Gutierrez.

Round 3: Not much happens in the first three minutes. Gutierrez is eating leg kicks and occasionally throwing shots. Hard body kick from Benson with about 100 seconds left. 10-9 Benson.

Final result: 29-28 Gutierrez, 29-28 Benson, 29-28 Benson by split decision.

Peter Ishiguro vs. Elias Anderson

Blue glove with purple trunks, Carson City, NV, 0-1 is Anderson. Red gloves and red trunks, 1-1, Milpitas, CA is Ishiguro. The referee is Rob Madrigal.

Round 1: Anderson with leg kicks. Ishiguro with left jabs and overhand rights. Hard body kick by Ishiguro. Anderson is stepping out of the range of a lot of the jabs. Ishiguro’s fans break out in a WA-SA-BI chant. Anderson’s head kick is blocked. Jab by Ishiguro. Right kick. Madrigal calls time as Anderson caught a low kick. He’s fine though. They restart right away. Anderson tries to take the back but flies over Ishiguro. 10-9 Ishiguro.

Round 2: Leg kick by Anderson. Anderson kicks Ishiguro’s cup and he doesn’t even feel it so Madrigal lets the fight go on. Overhand right by Ishiguro. Left jab. Anderson is providing the forward pressure and lands a hard right kick to the body. Hard left hook by Ishiguro. Right hook as well. Left jab. Left hook. Head kick for Anderson is blocked. Leg kick for Ishiguro. Anderson with the jab. Leg kick and right hand for Ishiguro. Ishiguro lands on top on a late takedown attempt. 10-9 Ishiguro.

Round 3: Anderson gets the better of the strikes in the first minute. Ishiguro responds with a hard body kick and a slashing elbow on the break. Head kick by Anderson. Inside low kick Ishiguro. Right hook Anderson. Left hook with authority is blocked. Both men are wearing this fight. Jumping knee by Anderson results in him being taken down but he’s right back up. 2:30 gone. Front kick to the face by Anderson with 90 seconds left. Spin kick by Anderson. Right hook by Anderson. Knee to the body from Ishiguro. Right over the top for Anderson. Left hook Anderson. Right hand Anderson. Back and forth shots by both men. Forearm to the head by Ishiguro. High kick by Ishiguro checked. 10-9 Anderson.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28 all for Ishiguro.

Daniel Gonzalez vs. Jonathan Adams

Adams is 0-0-1 and fights out of San Jose in the brown trunks and blue gloves. Gonzalez is 2-2 in the white trunks and red gloves and also fights out of San Jose. Referee Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Gonzalez is providing all of the forward pressure and hurts Adams at 55 seconds. His right hook is crisp. Adams tries a head kick that’s checked. Body kick, right hook by Gonzalez. Adams paws at Gonzalez with the left. Gonzalez pours it on and closes the distance but Adams breaks as we pass the two minute mark. Adams’ face is quickly turning red. You can tell that Gonzalez is an American Kickboxing Academy fighter. The difference in his technique and footwork is obvious. Adams gets hurt with a left but survives against the fence to the second round. 10-8 Gonzalez.

Round 2: Gonzalez is immediately punishing Adams with lefts and rights. A hard right stings Adams at 45 seconds. The left jab keeps finding a home. Left hook and a jump knee. Kick to the body. Gonzalez is treating Adams like a punching bag. Adams does the one thing he can do and clinches with Gonzalez to slow it down. Gonzalez breaks free at 2:47. Adams clinches up again. When Gonzalez breaks free he hurts Adams with a left knee to the body and pours it on for Adams to tap out to strikes.

Final result: Daniel Gonzalez wins by submission (strikes) at 4:56 of round two.

Albert Gonzalez vs. Tyson Miller

Blue gloves and black trunks, 0-0, Arcata, CA, Miller. Red gloves and black/red trunks, 1-1, Fresno, CA, Gonzalez. Referee is Frank Trigg.

Round 1: Gonzalez breaks his leg throwing a leg kick and it looks exactly like what happened with Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva. It’s so gnarly the camera won’t show Gonzalez again on the canvas after the fight is over.

Final result: The fight is stopped and the winner by TKO (injury) is Tyson Miller at 1:18 R1.

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