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Video: Odell Beckham choked by Marlon Humphrey, the price of inspiration from Conor McGregor

“I wanted some late inspiration so I went to the UFC fight the other night to see Conor McGregor,’’ Beckham told NY Post back in 2016. “He believes so much in himself and he backs up everything he says. I had never been to a UFC fight before and I definitely got a lot of inspiration from (McGregor). I met him after the fight. It was a fun experience.’’

I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Odell Beckham had been inspired by jiu-jitsu wizard Demian Maia and not former UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor. Would his Marlon Humphrey fight have ended by way of armbar?

Hard to say, but the Cleveland Browns wide receiver looked completely helpless on the ground while Humphrey attempted to choke him into oblivion, not unlike the times “Notorious” was caught in a similar position and “gave up.”

“I’m just upset I lost my earring,” Beckham told reporters after the Browns 40-25 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

Cris Cyborg can relate.

“I ran into him after the game and apologized,” Humphrey insisted. “It’s not really the brand of football I want to represent. The whistle blowed. It has to be over with.”

Here’s another look:

It should be noted that Beckham snuck in a punch to the throat before getting taken to the ground and since UFC has no problem signing former NFL players, we know “OBJ” has a potential cage-fighting career waiting for him upon his gridiron retirement.

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