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Video: Boxer pretends punches don’t hurt, gets KTFO because they do

I think anyone who’s been watching combat sports for any period of time, be it boxing or mixed martial arts (MMA), will be familiar with that move a fighter under fire will do to indicate he (or she) is, in fact, not getting hurt by the incoming barrage.

Sometimes it’s a wag of the finger, a defiant grin, or a shake of the head.

For New Jersey native Rickey Edwards, it was the latter. “Superstar Rick” was getting pounded against the ropes by 18 year-old upstart Jesus Ramos Jr. last weekend in Calif., but spent more time downplaying the offense than working on his defense.

The result was a thunderous third-round knockout.

“Thank you to everyone that’s been reaching out trying to check up on me,” Edwards wrote on Twitter. “I’m good! Shit happens, is boxing. Just got [caught] with a shot that I shouldn’t of had never got [caught] with. I’m disappointed but I’ll be back stronger then ever!”

Ramos Jr. improves to 11-0 (10 KOs) with the victory, while Edwards drops to 11-4.

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