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Video: Watch Michael Bisping try to calm Yair Rodriguez down after UFC Mexico City fight ends in No Contest


To say Yair Rodriguez was upset about how his main event fight with Jeremy Stephens went at UFC Mexico City would be an understatement. The fight was supposed to be the flashy fighter’s coming out party in front of his home crowd. Instead, things ended just 15 seconds into the bout after Rodriguez accidentally poked Jeremy Stephens in the eye.

Also unimpressed with that result: the thousands of fans in attendance, who threw beer and popcorn and who knows what else at Stephens as he exited the cage. It was a volatile situation, one that wasn’t helped by Yair trying to scale the cage. You know how security hates fighters jumping out of the Octagon these days, and several dragged him back down and generally manhandled him, which didn’t improve Yair’s mood.

That brings us to this clip of Yair reacting angrily as commentator Michael Bisping touches him on the shoulder to urge calm and get him ready for a post-fight interview.

We doubt Rodriguez even knew who was grabbing him, but the response was pretty strong. We also don’t know how good of an idea it is to call a UFC Hall of Famer like Michael Bisping a puto, but he didn’t seem to take it personally. He didn’t even step back. He just put his hand right back on Rodriguez’s shoulder and worked that old “Relax” magic.

During the ESPN+ post-fight show, a much more relaxed Rodriguez expressed his disappointment with how things went, and kinda sorta said he believed Jeremy Stephens suffered a legit eye injury.

”You always have to give the benefit of the doubt to your opponent,” Rodriguez said. “He’s the only one that will have to live with that in his mind the rest of his life if it was a lie.”

Stephens is already pushing to run the fight back and do it again. What do you think, Maniacs? Immediate rematch?

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