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Video: UFC vets produce crazy KO finish at Ken Shamrock’s Valor Bare Knuckle event

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Ken Shamrock hosted the inaugural Valor Bare Knuckle event earlier tonight (Sat., Sept. 21, 2019) live on FITE.TV from 4 Bears Casino & Lodge in Newton, North Dakota, and boy did it produce some action.

The most notable sequence of the night belonged to two former UFC heavyweight fighters, as Mark Godbeer (2-1 UFC) met Jack May (0-2 UFC) in the opening round of the headlining heavyweight tournament.

While May recovered from an early knockdown on the end of a Godbeer jab, the 38-year-old veteran was sent packing when Godbeer landed a monstrous right hand along the outer circle. May instantly went to sleep and slammed to the ground in vicious fashion.

The powerful knockout can be seen above courtesy of FITE.TV.

Not a bad start for Shamrock’s VBK as Godbeer provides a memorable bare knuckle finish on the heels of two back-to-back losses in MMA competition.

In other action, veteran kickboxer Mighty Mo Siliga toppled MMA veteran Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou via TKO. Check the finish out below:

Also, former UFC fighters James McSweeney and Lavar Johnson met in main card action as Johnson lit up the Englishman with a two-piece combo. The finish can be seen below:

And here’s the Heavyweight final between Godbeer and “Mighty Mo:”

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