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Donald Cerrone: Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista made me feel ‘inferior as a man’

Donald Cerrone was in awe of David Bautista’s strength, but he is still confident he can beat up a Guardian of the Galaxy.

UFC Vancouver headliner Donald Cerrone could not help but be a little intimidated by actor and former WWE champion Dave Bautista’s brute strength, but “Cowboy” knows where his own strengths lie.

Cerrone spoke with and other media outlets at the UFC Vancouver open workouts on Wednesday. “Cowboy” attended a function with Guardians of the Galaxy star Bautista two weeks ago. The two had plans to ride Harley’s together and made good on it.

“It was cool, really cool,” Cerrone said.

“The better story is Dave bailing hay with us. I struggled to pick up a bail of hay and throw it up on the stack. This dude would pick one up with each hand and just walking and launching them wherever we wanted them. God, he made me feel so inferior as a man,” Cerrone laughed. “Don’t worry, Dave, I’ll beat your f—king ass though.”

Before Cerrone (36-12-0-1) can trade punches with Bautista (1-0) he will first have to fight Justin Gaethje (20-2) in UFC Vancouver’s main event. Gaethje admitted to being knocked out by Cerrone in a 2012 training session, but even back then “Cowboy” expected great things from his opponent. “You can tell when you’re in the gym with someone if someone has it,” Cerrone said of Gaethje. “I know he was going to be a big star one day, absolutely.”

UFC Vancouver takes place at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, B.C. on Sat., Sept. 14.

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