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Midnight Mania! UFC fan dedicates an entire arm to sleeve of fighter tattoos

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Have you ever wanted to permanently imprint a UFC fighter on your arm? Apparently, it’s a more common desire than one would expect given how often I stumble across such tattoos on Instagram. This full sleeve, however, definitely takes the cake and fully deserves its own post.

Readers who frequent this column know that I love to include and discuss the tattoos that pop up on my MMA radar. This one fascinates me and raises many questions. Most vitally, how long has this person been an MMA fan? All of the images depicted have happened in the last three years, which leads me to believe this is a relatively recent fan.

Aside from that query, credit to the artist, who did a very nice job overall. Stylistically, the mostly realism approach mixed with slightly more cartoonish faces is interesting. Going full realism on human faces can be a recipe for disaster unless working with a true specialist, so the artist creating easily recognizable faces in the manner that he did is likely a smart decision.

For what it’s worth, Cody Garbrandt commented that he was “Honored” to be included in the sleeve.


BossLogic continues to outclass everyone else.

Ricardo Lamas demonstrates some kick set ups:

Best of luck with that game plan...

Miocic’s toughness can never be questioned.

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I’ve persevered through it all #AndNew #5X #SM

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Felder is willingly signing up for 25 more minutes with Edson Barboza — that’s ballsy if nothing else!

Khabib breaks the top 10. I would not have guessed Nik Lentz would be so high up on this list, but given his longevity, it shouldn’t be a complete surprise.

Watching Fury move is always interesting:

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El Rey gitanos

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Slips, rips, and KO clips

I promise I was never withholding SUMO! from anyone, I can post Sumo clips again now that matches are actually happening!

Some of the most savage ground striking I’ve ever seen:

Gordon Ryan doing what he does best:

Random Land

Hope no one is bothered by heights!

Midnight Music: Can a band headline an international arena tour while somehow remaining relatively unknown to the general public? Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds seem to prove it possible, as the Aussie band ranks comfortably among the all-time great underground bands. They have four decades of excellent music in their catalog, with albums that range from absolutely manic post-punk to tender piano ballads and, more recently, the avant-garde.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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