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Politics! Jon Jones offers to slap whoever came up with UFC’s ‘confusing’ P4P ranking system

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Pound-for-pound rankings in combat sports might be the dumbest thing ever. I never really understood them. I’m not sure anyone really does ... especially all the esteemed mixed martial arts (MMA) “media” members who are asked for their informed votes at the conclusion of each Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event.

Let me get this straight: If the 15 fighters on the list below were all the same weight — in some magical shape-shifting universe — Valentina Shevchenko would be the odds-on favorite to topple former Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Yeah, okay.

Let’s just forget that magical shape-shifting universe and pretend that two people are the exact same gender, same weight, and have actually fought each other twice before in real life inside the Octagon. Clearly, the fighter who came out victorious on both occasions (UFC 182 and UFC 214) would at least be ranked ahead of the other individual who he reduced to a puddle of tears inside the Octagon.

Nah ...

“Double tap if the ending of this video confused the hell out of you,” Jon Jones wrote on Instagram, talking about his pair of mismatches against former Light Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. “I mean the first time I fought D.C. I beat him unanimously. This ranking system can’t be based off straight up skills, wins and resume. Politics I guess. Whoever is ahead of the UFC rating system needs to slap themselves for this lol.”

I’ll settle for eye pokes instead.

Cormier’s previous “double champ” status — and Jones’ picograms — might have something to do with it. But either way, the pound-for-pound rankings don’t make sense. They never did and they never will. They are dumb. Let’s never speak of them again.

Just let them fight again.