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Kamaru Usman disses Colby Covington’s smacktalk: ‘Let’s make English great again’

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We don’t even have a date for the seemingly inevitable Colby Covington vs. Kamaru Usman fight for the welterweight title and already the two are hyping up the bout with endless smack. It took about 30 seconds for their shared appearance on the UFC Newark ESPN post show to turn into a diss session complete with security holding them back from any extra-curricular physical happenings. And you better believe social media will be another front waged in the war between Covington and Usman.

Shortly after Colby’s dominating five round decision win over Robbie Lawler (watch the highlights here), Usman got this pretty decent snap in mocking “Chaos” for stuttering his way through a Madison Square Garden reference.

”Let’s make English great again,” Usman wrote, tagging Colby and U.S. president Donald Trump.

Unless you’ve been watching UFC events on mute and ignoring world happenings (not a terrible decision these days, honestly), you already know that Covington has made supporting Donald Trump a cornerstone of his troll schtick, and it’s gone so ‘well’ that he’s getting regular support from the Trump family. Eric and Donald Jr. were in attendance to see Colby fight Lawler in Newark and Covington constantly brags about the president wanting him back in the White House for more hand shakes and hang time.

With Kamaru Usman a Nigerian-born immigrant and Trump having called African countries ‘s**tholes’ we figured it wouldn’t take long before politics got brought into this in one form or another. Just what we all wanted: several months of partisan arguing in our mixed martial arts promotion!