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Covington and Usman restrained during UFC Newark post show

On Saturday night from Newark, New Jersey, Colby Covington earned himself another shot at the UFC welterweight title with a one sided domination of Robbie Lawler (see the highlights here). Of course, nothing is guaranteed until both fighters step into the cage, and no one knows this more than Colby: he was an interim welterweight champ until the UFC stripped him for being unable to accept a quick shot due to nasal surgery.

But the UFC already has the promotional wheels turning for Colby Covington vs. Kamaru Usman. The ESPN post fight show featured both men in their relatively small studio and things only got more cramped as security came in to physically keep both men apart.

”You’re standing here and you’re kind of talking out,” Covington said. “When did your balls drop?”

Watch the video here:

”The only thing you’re losing faster than your hairline is that Power Ranger belt,” he continued. “Why don’t you boys stop faking injuries. Oh, you’re out for 8 months with a hernia injury. It takes six weeks to recover. Stop faking injuries, you’re the Tyron Woodley 2.0.”

”Did you get a call from the president today?” Colby added. “That’s right, you’re a loser. No one gives a s**t about you. Everybody came to see me so close your mouth and listen to the champ.”

”He talks big because there’s security in front of him,” Usman replied. “We saw the videos. When I was face to face with him.”

When asked how he’d beat Usman, Covington threw down his recent accolades.

”He sucks. He beat my sloppy seconds after I already beat them,” Covington said. “He beat guys that were left for dead. Rafael dos Anjos, Demian Maia, I left them for dead. He came along and picked up the scraps after me. He’s a joke, he’s nobody. He’s followed in my footsteps. If I make a sandwich tomorrow, he’s gonna try and make the sandwich the same way.”

”You know what, I take your sandwich,” Usman replied. “Just like I have the belt. I take it all from you.”

Let’s hope Usman’s fighting is better than his trash talk once his fight with Covington finally comes to be.