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UFC Fight Night 157 results: Li Jingliang knocks out Elizeu Zaleski in the third

Elizeu Zaleski and Li Jingliang faced each other in a Welterweight clash today (Sat., Aug. 31, 2019) at UFC Fight Night 157 inside Shenzhen Universade Sports Centre Arena in Shenzhen, China, only on ESPN+. Just moments away from the final bell, Li Jingliang knocked his foe out.

Zaleski began the bout by flicking out a few kicks, finding his range. From Southpaw stance, Zaleski aimed for the mid-section with his left kick. Jingliang caught a kick and used it to score a very momentary takedown. Neither man had landed anything significant by the midway point in the round. Suddenly, Zaleski connected with the first big pair of punches in the fight, a couple counter hooks that Jingliang ate without issue. Jingliang returned the favor a minute later with a 3-2-3 combo that scored well. Zaleski continued focusing on his left kick, but it wasn’t landing all that well. Out of nowhere, Jingliang planted his feet and dropped the Brazilian striker with a big right hand!

Zaleski popped right back up, but the knockdown definitely earned Jingliang the opening round.

Jingliang cracked Zaleski with another right to begin the second. Zaleski answered back with a good right hand counter to the low kick. A minute into the round, the two were trading more intensely. A good left kick landed for the Brazilian, as well as a follow up low kick. Zaleski swung wide on a right hand and ate a jab. His next attempt at the same punch landed. Jingliang planted his feet and dug a few good hooks. Zaleski really committed to pressure and leaping in behind his punches with mixed success. The two exchanged wildly to end the round, but Zaleski got the better of it with a stiff left hook and strong knee to the belly.

Zaleski pressured hard and kicked often to start the third, but Jingliang met his offense with an active jab. Zaleski shot for a takedown, but Jingliang limp-legged out without issue. Zaleski jumped into a missed knee, but his follow up hooks landed. Right hand from Jingliang grazed the ear of the Brazilian. Once more, Jingliang caught a kick and put his foe on the mat, but he was unable to hold him down. Zaleski threw a lot more overall, but his landing percentage was pretty low. Meanwhile, Jingliang circled a lot and was generally defensive throughout the third. In the final 20 seconds of the bout, however, Jingliang connected on a massive uppercut that sent his foe to the mat. Zaleski managed to regain his footing briefly, but Jingliang bludgeoned him along the fence with a series of left hands to end the contest.

It’s a really stunning win for Jingliang — the best of his career! On the whole, Jingliang has never looked more composed on his feet. Unfortunately for Zaleski, his win streak comes to an end, as the Brazilian never really managed to find his timing or range in this appearance.

Result: Li Jingliang defeats Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos via third-round knockout

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