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Video: Former UFC champion Luke Rockhold wrangles Montana bull, secures full mount with ease

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When in Montana. #lfg #bareback @corey_wilson

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Despite his recent struggles inside of the Octagon former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold has never looked more dominant outside of it.

That's because Rockhold recently had the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with a bull during a trip to Montana.

Rockhold ended up grabbing a hold of the bull's neck before the gate opened and the wild animal ran free. The talented MMA veteran then utilized his world-class grappling skills to muscle the beast to the ground and briefly transition over into one of the more impressive full mounts in recent memory. The bull wiggled away moments later and Rockhold's grappling session concluded.

The entire video can be seen above courtesy of Rockhold's Instagram account. Please note that this video isn't for everyone and may contain sensitive material to some.

While this impressive showing against a good-sized bull isn't going to land Rockhold another UFC title shot anytime soon it goes to show the power of the 12-year MMA veteran. Rockhold did get good positioning before leaving the fenced area, but he also did the rest of the work with a face full of dirt and a nice watch wrapped around his wrist. Pretty impressive.

Even current UFC champions Khabib Nurmagomedov and Kamaru Usman approved:

Rockhold, 34, is coming off a disappointing knockout loss to Jan Blachowicz back at UFC 239 in his awaited light heavyweight debut. Before that, the former UFC champion ended his tenure at 185 pounds with a knockout loss to perennial contender Yoel Romero back in early 2018. With so much happening outside of the cage, including a “promising” career in bull riding, Rockhold’s UFC future is currently up in the air.

But after this display maybe Rockhold should trade in his cowboy boots for another set of MMA gloves.

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