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UFC on ESPN 5 results: Colby Covington vs Robbie Lawler live stream play-by-play updates from Newark

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim welterweight champion, Colby Covington, refused to sit on the bench and wait for Kamaru Usman to make his first division title defense. Instead, he’ll risk his spot in line against former champion, Robbie Lawler, in the UFC on ESPN 5 welterweight main event, scheduled for TODAY (Sat., Aug. 3, 2019) inside Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Before that happens, the promotion will send longtime lightweight veterans, Jim Miller and Clay Guida, into battle in what promises to be an action-packed showdown between two well-rounded combatants. Remember, this card airs earlier in the day and the preliminary card also airs on ESPN. Strap in, crack open a beer, and enjoy a few hours of free fights. I mean, what else are you going to do on a Saturday afternoon in the summer besides go to the beach or hang out with your friends at the pool like a normal person? will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC on ESPN 5 fight card below, starting with the “Prelims” matches on ESPN, which are scheduled to begin at 12 p.m. ET, before the main card start time at 3 p.m. ET on ESPN.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Covington vs. Lawler.”

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC on ESPN 5 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Colby Covington vs. Robbie Lawler — Covington def. Lawler by unanimous decision (50-44, 50-45 x2) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
Jim Miller vs. Clay Guida — Miller def. Guida by technical submission (guillotine choke) at 0:58 of round one — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
Joaquim Silva vs. Nasrat Haqparast — Haqparast def. Silva by TKO (punches) at 0:36 of round two — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
Trevin Giles vs. Gerald Meerschaert — Meerschaert def. Giles by submission (guillotine choke) at 1:49 of Round Three — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
Scott Holtzman vs. Dong Hyun Ma — Holtzman def. Ma by TKO (doctor stoppage) at 5:00 of round two
Darko Stosic vs. Kennedy Nzechukwu — Nzechukwu def. Stosic by unanimous decision (29-26, 28-27 x2)
Mickey Gall vs. Saleem Touahri — Gall def. Touahri by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Antonina Shevchenko vs. Lucie Pudilova — Shevchenko def. Pudilova by technical submission (rear naked choke) at 1:20 of round two — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
Jordan Espinosa vs. Matt Schnell — Schnell def. Espinosa by submission (triangle choke) at 1:23 of round one — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
Lauren Murphy vs. Mara Romero Borella — Murphy def. Borella by knockout (knee and elbows) at 1:46 of round three — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
Claudio Silva vs. Cole Williams — Silva def. Williams by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:35 of round one — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!
Hannah Goldy vs. Miranda Granger — Granger def. Goldy by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


170 lbs.: Colby Covington vs. Robbie Lawler

Round 1: Covington shoots right away, eats shots on the break. Trading heat already. Low kick from Covington. Lawler jabs the body. Lawler misses on a left hand, sprawls on a shot. Covington continues to drive and puts him on the fence. Can’t get Lawler all the way down. One minute in. Knees from Lawler. Covington completes the single-leg. Lawler makes it to his feet, lands an elbow. Lawler holding onto a kimura grip, loses it. Covington drags him down from the rear waist lock. Looking for the RNC. Now tries from the other side. One hook in. Two minutes to go.

Still keeping Lawler on his seat against the fence. Looking for the RNC without hooks. Lawler explodes to his feet with a minute to go. Lawler leg kick. Covington looks to open up on the fence and hits a single-leg. Lawler gets to his feet and weathers some punches. 10-9 Covington.

Round 2: Covington slings a right hand and takes him down on the fence. Lawler works his way to his feet, eats an elbow. One minute in. Covington pressing him against the fence. Lawler avoids a spinning elbow and separates. Leg kick from Lawler. Covington takes him down with a double-leg. Back up. Two minutes to go. Covington lands a left hand, has a head kick blocked. Punching flurry on the fence and another takedown. Back up. Two minutes to go.

Covington picks at him as Lawler looks to roll with and defend the shots. Covington patiently throwing, eats an overhand left and a jab. One minute to go. Jabs and a left from Covington. More scoring shots. Body kick. Lawler now backing him up. 10-9 Covington.

Round 3: Covington hits a quick double-leg. Lawler uses the fence to stand. Back down he goes. Back up. They separate. Lawler moving forward, lands a left. One minute in. Lawler denies a takedown and they trade. Back-and-forth striking, hard left from Covington. Lawler denies the initial shot but has to defend on the cage. He does so. Hard uppercuts form Lawler inside, Covington lands jabs on the exit. Two minutes in. Brief clinch. Jab exchange. Covington tries a jumping knee and shoots. Head kick attempt on the break. Two minutes to go.

More combinations from Covington, body kick connects. Lawler answers an overhand left with a right hook that stings Covington. Covington comes back with his volume boxing. Covington continues to outwork him with a minute to go. Lawler slipping a good number of these shots but not offering much in return. Body kick lands for Covington, then another. Clean 1-2. 10-9 Covington.

Round 4: Covington continues his advance. He lands a leg kick, takes a right hook. Counter left from Lawler. Covington just keeps picking away, shoots on the fence. Fighting for underhooks. One minute in. Lawler lands a body shot and uppercut before they separate. Boxing exchanges. Good combinations by Covington as Lawler tries to weave. Lawler denies a takedown attempt two minutes in. Covington digs a nice body shot. Knee from Covington inside. Two minutes to go.

Hard shots landing for Covington, hits a double-leg. Lawler works his way back up on the fence. One minute to go. Short elbows from Covington. Short punches land for Lawler. Right hook on the break. Good left from Covington. 10-9 Covington.

Round 5: No urgency fro mLawler as the story continues. One minute to go. Lawler denies a shot. Knees from Covington inside. 3-2 from Lawler and now he looks a bit angry. Counter left lands for him. Two minutes in. Lawler to the body. Trading jabs. Covington clnches briefly. Uppercuts from Covington. Lawler lands one in return. Uppercut form Lawler, hard 1-3. He’s angry. Two minutes to go.

Okay, never mind, back to the Covington potshotting. Jab exchange. One minute to go. Lawler just walking forward, trying to slip jabs but not throwing. 1-2-1 from Lawler. Covington tries a tornado kick and lands a spinning back fist. 10-9 Covington.

Final result: Covington def. Lawler by unanimous deciison

155 lbs.: Jim Miller vs. Clay Guida

Round 1: Guida lands a counter right that hurts Miller, then walks into a massive left hand that hurts him in return. Miller jumps on a guillotine that puts “The Carpenter” to sleep.

Final result: Miller def. Guida by technical submission (guillotine choke)

155 lbs.: Joaquim Silva vs. Nasrat Haqparast

Round 1: Silva orthodox, Haqparast southpaw. Silva tries a flying knee. Low kick. He’s the more active of the two early. One minute in. Silva tries a head kick. Haqparast just defending so far, takes a right cross. Body kick lands for Silva, then a leg kick. 3-2 from Haqparast. Two minutes in. Silva slips on a wheel kick. Haqparast tries a high kick, lands a 3-2. Silva tries a knee. They trade body kicks. Two minutes to go.

Low kick from Silva. Superman punch from Haqparast, then a counter left after taking a leg kick. Haqparast catches a kick, lands a body kick. One minute to go. 3-2 from Haqparast, catches a body kick and lands a combination. Low kick from Silva. Body kick. Head kick from Haqparast. 10-9 Silva on volume.

Round 2: Haqparast counters a body kick with a left hand. BIG overhand left floors Silva and Haqparast pounds him out.

Final result: Haqparast def. Silva by TKO (punches)

185 lbs.: Trevin Giles vs. Gerald Meerschaert

Round 1: Low kick from Meerschaert to start. Counter left. Straight right knocks Meerschaert back, Giles doesn’t pounce. Meerschaert lands a knee to the body and gets taken down into side control. One minute in. Giles passes to mount, lands a left as Meerschaert regains half guard, then uses an arm triangle grip to sweep into mount. Two minutes in. Meerschaert staying tight on top. Short right hands. Giles tries to make space, can’t. Short rights from Meerschaert with two minutes to go.

Meerschaert tries to posture up and Giles bridges into guard. Meerschaert goes to his knees, eats a left hand. One minute to go. Giles takes side control. Meerschaert turns to his knees and Giles looks for an anaconda choke. No dice, maintains top position and lands rights. 10-9 Giles on damage.

Round 2: Meerschaert looks for an early takedown. Browne elbow from Giles as he sprawls. He grabs a front headlock and Meerschaert surrenders half guard. One minute in. Elbow from Giles, passes to side control. Now looking for the back as Meerschaert rolls to his knees, then mount. Meerschaert sweeps into guard. Giles holding him close.

Meerschaert tries to posture up a bit. One minute to go. More patient ground-and-pound. 10-9 Meerschaert.

Round 3:Body kick lands for Meerschaert to start. Head kick this time, Giles tries to answer in kind and sprawls on a takedown. Meerschaert keeps driving a minute in, hits an outside reap into half guard. He wraps up a power guillotine and tries to roll. After some scrambling, Meerschaert adjusts his grip. Giles taps, but the referee doesn’t see it, so Giles goes unconscious. Good job, Herb.

Final result: Mmerschaert def. Giles by submission (guillotine choke)

155 lbs.: Scott Holtzman vs. Dong Hyun Ma

Round 1: Ma lands a jab early on. Hotzman bounces a left hook off his guard. One minute in. Lead right from Holtzman. He fakes a level change and tries an uppercut, then lands a leg kick. Lead right drops Ma and Holtzman follows him down. On top in half guard, looking for an arm triangle. Ma holding onto a guillotine, Holtzman threatening a Von Flue. Holtzman in side control, clamping down. Loses it but takes mount. Two minutes to go.

Arm triangle from Holtzman. Ma regains half guard to avoid it. Hard punches from Holtzman. Nearly takes mount as Ma tries to bridge out. Now setting up a d’arce, loses it with a minute to go. He lands an elbow as Ma regains guard. Holtzman lets him up, rips the body as Ma stands. Hard uppercut. Ma looking to throw with him. Uppercut and right cross form Holtzman and he ties up. 10-9 Holtzman.

Round 2: Ma lands a counter right. His eye doesn’t look grat. Good punching exchanges, Holtzman leg kick. Counter 2-3 lands for Holtzman. Ma avoids an uppercut, lands a right hand, and they trade good shots. Right hand exchange. Right cross stings Holtzman and he nods. Ma with an over-under takedown a minute in, looks for the back. Holtzman gets back to his feet. Ma still attached on the fence. Holtzman presses him against it. Two minutes in. Holtzman fires a left hook, eats a jab. Big 1-1-2 and uppercut by Holtzman. Ma slugging with him and he drops Holtzman! Holtzman gets to his feet, avoids a guillotine. Holtzman tries a couple elbows, lands a left hand. Two minutes to go.

Huge right hands from Holtzman on the fence. Ma refuses to back up, trading blows. Ma’s left eye is grotesque at this point. Holtzman fishes for a takedown, can’t get it. They separate. Holtzman to the body, still firing 1-2s. One minute to go. Low kicks from Holtzman. He completes a double-leg and sets up in half guard. BIG elbows from Holtzman, punches as well. 10-9 Holtzman.

Yeah, Ma’s eye is swollen shut. Unsurprisingly, it’s over between rounds.

Final result: Holtzman def. Ma by TKO (doctor stoppage)

205 lbs.: Darko Stosic vs. Kennedy Nzechukwu

Round 1: Leg kick from Stosic early on. Again. One minute in. Another hard inside leg kick, then another. Nzechukwu checks one, eats another. Stosic shoots, can’t complete the single-leg. Nzechukwu gets underhooks and separates, fires a 1-2. Two minutes in. Stosic continues to target the lead leg. Inside low kick to overhand right, then more leg kicks. Nzechukwu checks one. Two minutes to go.

Jab lands for the Nigerian. Another leg kick and body shot by Stosic, Nzechukwu comes back with a knee. Hard body kick from Stosic as Nzechukwu tries another knee. One minute to go. Stosic left hook. Leg kick lands, then a flurry that backs Nzechukwu up. Stosic tries to tee off on his head. 10-9 Stosic.

Round 2: Stosic’s first leg kick of the round goes directly into Nzechukwu’s nuts. Nzechukwu takes some time to recover, tries a knee when they resume. Stosic misses on a right hand, lands a leg kick. Nzechukwu with a body kick. One minute in. Stosic leg kick and counter right. Nzechukwu still looking for knees. Good front kick downstairs and jabs upstairs. Two minutes in. Nzechukwu lands a jab after taking a leg kick. More good jabs. Stosic hits a double-leg, can’t establish. They separate. Two minutes to go.

Nzechukwu still stalking after him, landing jabs. Body kick from Stosic. Body kick from Nzechukwu and he takes another one to the junk. Ref takes a point from Stosic. One minute to go. 1-2 from Nzechukwu. Body kick and low kick by Stosic. Counter right from Stosic. 10-8 Nzechukwu with the point deduction.

Round 3: Nzechukwu going back to the jab. Body kick from Stosic. Left hook connects. Stosic shoots, stuffed, lands a right. Trading jabs. 1-2 from Stosic lands. He shoots again, completes it, still can’t keep Nzechukwu down a minute in. They separate. Stosic fires an inside low kick and once again lands flush to the ground. Nzechukwu collapses to his knees. He takes plenty of time to recover and the ref takes another point from Stosic. Stosic goes back to the low kicks, eats an uppercut. Two minutes in. Nzechukwu backs him to the fence, looks for punches at range. Stosic shoots, still can’t keep him down. Two minutes to go.

They separate. Left hook from Stosic, another takedown, still can’t establish. Right hand on the break, then another takedown attempt denied. One minute to go. Completes anotehr takedown, still can’t keep him down. Overhand right by Stosic. He tries another takedown, can’t get it. More leg kicks. 9-9.

Final result: Nzechukwu def. Stosic by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Mickey Gall vs. Saleem Touahri

Round 1: Gall light on his feet early on, fires a combination. Body kick lands for him. One minute in. Leg kick from Touahri. Hard counter hook lands for him as Gall ties up. Body shots from Gall. They separate. Jab stings Touahri. Low kick exchange. Two minutes in. Gall shoots, takes him to the fence with over-unders. Now looking for the back He has a body lock. Two minutes to go.

One hook in. Touahri manages to turn and get an underhook, looks for his own takedown before separating. Check hook lands for the Pole. One minute to go. Touahri tries a double-leg and Gall sprawls before moving to the back. One hook in. Right hands from Gall. 10-9 Gall.

Round 2: Gall shoots, lands a right hand after being denied. Low kick from Touahri. Left hook upstairs. Body shot. Gall lands a body kick in return. One minute in. He puts Touahri on the fence. Elbow upstairs. Separates with an uppercut. Flying knee attempt. Low kick lands. Two minutes in. Right straight from Gall. Touahri lands a low-high 3-2, eats a sharp left. Gall tries a head kick. Gall ducks a left hand and looks for a single-leg with two minutes to go.

Touahri counters into top position, takes half guard. Short punches from Touahri. One minute to go. Touahri postures up for some bigger shots.Gall rolls to his knees and gets to his feet. Gall lands a series of elbows against the fence. Touahri slings some punches and takes him back down into side control. 10-9 Touahri.

Round 3: Gall marches forward, lands a long left. Touahri counters with a stiff jab. Touahri slings a combo, lands a right hand. One minute in. 1-2 from Gall, hard left hook comes back at him. Gall leg kick, big overhand right by Touahri inside. Gall sprawls on a double-leg, can’t get it the front headlock. Two minutes in. Gall advancing, potshotting. Touahri bangs the body and they trade hard punches in the center. More body work by Touahri and Gall takes him to the fence. Now looking for the back. Touahri gets his hips out and they trade with two minutes to go.

Good uppercut from Gall, Touahri answers with a knee downstairs. Double right hand lands for Gall. Touahri with an overhand right in return. Gall looks for another takedown on the fence. Touahri trying to break his grip. Gall tries to heave him up, can’t do so. Touahri slips out the back door and drops some heavy punches before sprawling on a shot. Gall with a back elbow on the break. He ducks a left hand for a takedown. 10-9 Touahri but it’s razor close.

Final result: Gall def. Touahri by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Antonina Shevchenko vs. Lucie Pudilova

Round 1: Shevchenko advancing early. Pudilova ties up, eats some knees downstairs. More knees. Pudilova fires a couple of her own, eats more from the Thai plum. One minute in. Double underhooks now for Shevchenko. More knees. Two minutes in. Ref separates them when Shevchenko lands a low blow. Pudilova shoots when they resume. Back to the clinch on the fence, more knees from Shevchenko. Two minutes to go.

Pudilova changes levels, no dice. She exits the clinch with huge elbows, then takes Shevchenko to the mat and sets up in half guard. More elbows. Full guard now. Suddenly, Shevchenko spins for an armbar and nearly finishes it. Instead, Pudilova gets to her feet and puts her on the fence. 10-9 Shevchenko.

Round 2: Pudilova marching forward. She shoots, puts Shevchenko on the fence. Knees from Shevchenko as she defends. Pudilova drags her down, but Shevchenko somehow takes the back on the way down and wraps up an immediate RNC, choking Pudilova unconscious.

Final result: Shevchenko def. Pudilova by technical submission (rear naked choke)

125 lbs.: Jordan Espinosa vs. Matt Schnell

Round 1: Espinosa mobile early, eats a counter right. Right hand from Espinosa, counter combo from Schnell and a good leg kick. Espinosa shoots and Schnell wraps up a guillotine, then transitions to a triangle a minute in. He gets a strong angle and forces the tap.

Final result: Schnell def. Espinosa by submission (triangle choke)

125 lbs.: Lauren Murphy vs. Mara Romero Borella

Round 1: Low kick from Borella. Murphy lands a counter left hook. More low kicks by Borella. One minute in. Murphy falls short with her shots. Borella lands a right cross. They trade in the center. Double right for Borella. Two minutes in. counter right. Overhand right connects for Murphy. Borella right hand, Murphy left hook. Two minutes to go.

Low kick from Borella. Combination lands for Murphy near the fence. Overhand right with a minute to go. They clinch and Borella puts her on the fence. 10-9 Borella.

Round 2: Sparring session so far. Both try right crosses. Overhand right by Murphy, right cross from Borella. One minute in. Left hook lands for Murphy. Trading jabs. Borella shoots two minutes in and puts Murphy on her back in half guard. Murphy works her way to her feet, Borella holding onto a guillotine. Two minutes to go.

Murphy lands an elbow over her shoulder. Now she pops her head out, pressed Borella against the fence. One minute to go. More grinding from Murphy. 10-9 Murphy.

Round 3: 1-2 lands for Borella in the center. Borella shoots, stuffed a minute in. Murphy lands an uppercut and starts pressuring, pursuing with punches. Borella tries to shoot and Murphy obliterates her with a knee; she’s out for a few seconds and taking elbows before the ref notices.

Final result: Murphy def. Borella by KO (knee and elbows)

170 lbs.: Claudio Silva vs. Cole Williams

Round 1: Both land their power hands early. Another left from Silva and a body kick. Williams counters a low kick with a right hand that stings Silva. Silva knocks him back with a straight left. Williams to the body, Silva with a kick downstairs. Silva grabs a body lock a minute in and takes him down, then moves to the back. One hook in. Looking to soften Williams up with punches. Two minutes in. Still can’t get the other hook in but landing hard shots. As Williams tries to defend them, Silva gets the squeeze and forces a tap.

Final result: Silva def. Williams by submission (rear naked choke)

125 lbs.: Hannah Goldy vs. Miranda Granger

Round 1: Trading leg kicks to start. Goldy tries a high kick. Check hooks land for her as Granger lands a right. One minute in. Body kick from Goldy, lands a left hook. Another heavy left hook and right hand from Goldy as Granger tries to exchange. Granger ties up, fires knees. Goldy with some knees of her own and they trade on the break. Two minutes in. Body kick and left hook from Goldy on the counter, Granger re-enters the clinch. They separate quickly. Granger leg kick, Goldy right hand. Two minutes to go.

Granger lands a nice combination and puts her on the fence. Jockeying for position, trading knees. One minute to go. Good knee to the head by Grander. Knees to the thigh as well. Shoulder strikes. Granger fires an elbow on the break, eats a right hand. Good late effort from Granger, but 10-9 Goldy.

Round 2: Low kick from Granger to start. Head kick attempt, low kick exchange. One minute in. Combination by Granger. Counter right. Trading leg kicks again. Left hook stings Goldy near the fence. Two minutes in. Side kick from Goldy and they exchange. Two minutes to go.

Jab and some nice kicks from Goldy, knee and right hand on the break. Granger with some kicks to the knee. One minute to go. Back to trading leg kicks. They exchange in the center. Body kick from Granger. Goldy catches her with a side kick to the face. 10-9 Goldy.

Round 3: Granger lands an early jab. Head kick attempt. Goldy low kick. One minute in. Granger tries a wheel kick. Low kick lands. No clean connections yet this round. Two minutes in. Granger left hook on the fence, falls short. Body kick and side kicks from Goldy. Granger briefly puts her on the fence. Two minutes to go.

High kick from Goldy, low kicks from Granger. Granger tries a head kick. One minute to go. Goldy firing kicks, falling short. Side kick lands, body kick and right cross. Granger opens up on the fence, knees the body. Trading knees. They trade to end the round. 10-9 Granger.

Final result: Granger def. Goldy by unanimous decision

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