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UFC Shenzhen results: Andrade vs Zhang live stream play-by-play updates on ESPN+

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will make its debut in Shenzhen, China, with its latest and greatest ESPN+ fight card. UFC Fight Night 157, going down this Sat. (Aug. 31, 2019) from inside Universiade Sports Centre, will feature the five-round championship main event pitting reigning strawweight champion, Jessica Andrade, against top contender and hometown hero, Weili Zhang. Elsewhere on the card, which features “Prelims” action on ESPN, Li Jingliang and Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos will collide in lightweight action, while Mark De La Rosa goes to war against Kai Kara-France for a spot in the 125-pound pecking order. Just remember to stay up late or get up super early, as these fights will air LIVE on China time beginning stateside at 3 a.m. ET on ESPN. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 157 fight card below, starting with the ESPN “Prelims” undercard bouts at 3 a.m. ET, followed by the ESPN+ main card start time of 6 a.m. ET.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Andrade vs. Zhang.” Without further delay, see below for the updated UFC Fight Night 157 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Jessica Andrade vs. Weili Zhang — Zhang def. Andrade by TKO (strikes) at 0:42 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS!
Li Jingliang vs. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos — Li def. Zaleski dos Santos by TKO (punches) at 4:51 of Round Three
Mark De La Rosa vs. Kai Kara-France — Kara-France def. De La Rosa by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Movsar Evloev vs. Zhenhong LuScratched (full details here)
Song Kenan vs. Derrick Krantz — Song def. Krantz by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Mizuki Inoue vs. Wu Yanan — Inoue def. Wu by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)
Anthony Hernandez vs. Jun Yong Park — Hernandez def. Park by submission (anaconda choke) at 4:39 of Round Two
Andre Soukhamthath vs. Sumudaerji — Sumudaerji def. Soukhamthath — Sumudaerji def. Soukhamthath by unanimous decision (30-26 x2, 30-25)
Da Un Jung vs. Khadis Ibragimov — Jung def. Ibragimov by submission (ninja choke) at 2:00 of Round Three
Damir Ismagulov vs. Thiago Moises — Ismagulov def. Moises by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x2)
Alatengheili vs. Danaa Batgerel — Alatengheili def. Batgerel by unanimous decision (29-27 x3)
Lara Procopio vs. Karol Rosa — Rosa def. Procopio by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)


115 lbs.: UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion Jessica Andrade vs. Weili Zhang

Round 1: Zhang staying busy with low kicks. Hard punches and she hurts Andrade with a right hand! Elbows and knees from Zhang and she’s on the attack. A right hand puts Andrade down against the fence and Zhang is the first-ever Chinese UFC champion.

Final result: Zhang def. Andrade by TKO (strikes)

170 lbs.: Li Jingliang vs. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos

Round 1: Zaleski switching stance, sending out kicks. Slow start. One minute in. Leg kick by Li. Body kick from Zaleski in return. Li catches a low kick for a takedown, can’t keep him there. Two minutes in. Li fires a body shot. Zaleski tries a series of kicks. Leg kick and two-piece land for him. Two minutes to go.

Body kick from Zaleski. Good flurry by Li dings Zaleski. Body kick comes back at him. One minute to go. Li puts him on the fence. Out of nowhere, a straight right floors Dos Santos hard. The Brazilian pops back to his feet and ties up. 10-9 Li.

Round 2: Li cracks him with an early 1-2. Straight right and spinning kick attempt by Zaleski. Brief clinch. Zaleski counters a low kick with a right hand. One minute in. Body shots. Low kick from Li in response. Two minutes in. Leg kick from Zaleski, wheel kick just misses. He’s on the advance. Both whiff on right hands. Zaleski 1-2 just misses on the fence, leg kick does not. Two minutes to go.

Three-piece by Li. Zaleski 1-2. Li lands counters. 1-2 from Zaleski. Li changes levels, denied, and they trade inside. One minute to go. Left hook from Zaleski. Glancing head kick. Wheel kick falls short. Hard exchange, Zaleski with a heavy left hook. 10-9 Li.

Round 3: Zaleski pressing forward behind kicks. Neither landing clean early on. One minute in. Zaleski shoots, can’t get it. Li follows a body kick with a right cross. Zaleski tries a flying knee, opens up on the fence. Hard right hand as he pursues. Two minutes in. Li lands a right hand inside. Zaleski lands punches in the center. Li catches a kick and takes him down. Two minutes to go.

Zaleski pops back to his feet, stumbles on the break. He briefly puts Li on the fence. Left hook from Zaleski. Low kick exchange. Zaleski barreling forward, looking for power shots. One minute to go. Zaleski still chasing him, struggling to land clean. Huge uppercut and Zaleski is hurt again. He stumbles down, stands on the fence, and gets punched right back down for the finish.

Final result: Li def. Zaleski dos Santos by TKO (punches)

125 lbs.: Mark De La Rosa vs. Kai Kara-France

Round 1: Low kick from De La Rosa. Kara-France lands a left hook. Low kick and jab land for him a minute in. Hard counter 2-3. De La Rosa ducks in for a takedown attempt, looking for the back. Still fighting for a takedown from the rear waistlock. Sneaky knee two minutes in. Kara-France turns to face him and hits a high-amplitude takedown in return, landing punches before letting him up. Two minutes to go.

Overhand right from Kara-France, 1-1-2 from De La Rosa in return. One minute to go. Jab exchanges. Low kicks by Kara-France. De La Rosa ducks a left hand for a shot, easily denied. 10-9 Kara-France.

Round 2: Big 1-2 drops De La Rosa hard. Kara-France lets him up, avoids a takedown attempt. Another overhand right connects. De La Rosa throwing back. Left hook by Kara-France a minute in, then a leg kick that knocks De La Rosa off-balance. Kara-France again lets him up. Two counter rights by De La Rosa. Low kick lands. Left hook again from Kara-France. Head kick attempt. Two minutes in. Two more counter rights land for De La Rosa. Kara-France with body and low kicks. Trading jabs. Two minutes to go.

De La Rosa with some nice jabs. Kara-France low kick met with counters. Sneaky right hand. De La Rosa forces him back. One minute to go. Another overhand right by Kara-France as he takes a left hook. Capoeira kick attempt. Leg kick connects. De La Rosa tries a wheel kick. 10-9 Kara-France.

Round 3: Kara-France lands a lead right. Uppercut connects. Low kick exchange. One minute in. 1-2 from Kara-France, 1-2 from De La Rosa in return. Trading flurries. De La Rosa’s done well with his jab. Hard counter rights. Two minutes in. Kara-France with a pair of hard body blows and now he’s opening up. De La Rosa waves him on, eats a right that cuts him above his left eyebrow. Kara-France lands a body kick with two minutes to go.

They trade in the center. Leg kick from Kara-France, 1-2 afterwards. One minute to go. Low kick from De La Rosa. De La Rosa pressing forward, tries a head kick. Kara-France tries his own and they trade. 10-9 Kara-France.

Final result: Kara-France def. De La Rosa by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Song Kenan vs. Derrick Krantz

Round 1: Song on the front foot early. Kick attempts. One minute in. Nobody’s landed clean yet. Low kick from Krantz. Two minutes in. Both men still chilling at range. Krantz ties up, gets put on the fence. 2-3s by Krantz. Two minutes to go.

Song throwing back at him. Spinning back kick attempt. Right hand from Krantz. Left hook soon after, avoids return fire. One minute to go. Lead right from Krantz. Body kick. Good exchange in the center, both landing hard. Glancing head kick by Song met by an overhand right. 10-9 Krantz.

Round 2: Krantz swinging hard in the early going. He shoots in, takes Song down into side control to avoid a guillotine a minute in. Krantz looking for a Von Flue choke, seems like. Song abandons the guillotine. Krantz looks for mount two minutes in, caught in half guard. Song looks for a kimura, nothing there. Song suddenly sweeps into top position and looks for the back. Krantz slips out through the back door. Two minutes to go.

Krantz hits another takedown after Song misses a kimura. Krantz clamps down on a guillotine as Song stands, loses it. Pressing Song against the fence. Song counters a takedown and looks for the back, loses position and ends up on the bottom, threatening a triangle. Krantz avoids it and takes half guard. 10-9 Krantz.

Round 3: Trading in the center to start. Song marching forward, hurling big shots. They continue trading until Krantz shoots, taking him down against the opposite fence. Song stands and separates a minute in. Song back on the advance, lands a left hook. Big series of punches land for the hometown fighter. Krantz shoots in once again. A scramble ensues and he ends up on top in half guard. Song tries to make space, gives up mount for a moment. Back to side control. Krantz looks for the back and Song slips out the back door. Two minutes to go.

Both men completely spent. Song tries a jumping knee, flails with his left hand. One minute to go. Song tries another knee. 1-2 lands. Teep by Song. Jab upstairs. 10-9 Song.

Final result: Song def. Krantz by unanimous decision

115 lbs.: Mizuki Inoue vs. Wu Yanan

Round 1: Yanan opens with kicks. Inoue tries to catch a knee, cannot. One minute in. Counter right from Inoue. 1-2-3. Yanan fires some counters. Leg kicks from Yanan. Two minutes in. Yanan with a couple counters, right hand by Inoue. Yanan low kick, Inoue 1-2 with two minutes to go.

Yanan digs a body shot. 1-2 from Inoue. They trade shots in the clinch. One minute to go. Trading knees in the clinch, Yanan with a right on the exit. 1-2 from Inoue. Yanan body shot. Counter right from Yanan. Inoue with another 1-2. 10-9 Inoue.

Round 2: Yanan low kick, 1-2 from Inoue. Another 1-2. Yanan with a flurry in return. Knee from Yanan, who denies a takedown and grabs a guillotine. Knees downstairs. One minute in. Inoue gets double underhooks and reverses position. Yanan lands an elbow on the break. Side kick attempt met by a left hook from Inoue. Two minutes in. Yanan lands a right hand. Elbow exchange in the clinch. Inoue on the advance. Counter left from Yanan. Inoue to the body. Yanan with a left hook to the head. Yanan ties up. They separate with two minutes to go

Both whiff with punches. Yanan shoots, stuffed, eats a 1-2. 1-2-3 b Inoue. Counter right, 1-2. Yanan low kick, Inoue body shot. Inoue marching forward, Yanan ties up. Inoue tries an outside trip. Yanan tries a back fist off a missed kick. 1-2 by Inoue. 10-9 Inoue.

Round 3: Yanan shoots early, denied. 1-2 from Inoue. Landing jabs. Lead right connects, Yanan comes back with a left hook. One minute in. Yanan with a better shot, still denied. Inoue lands a lead right, eats a knee. Trading body punches in the clinch. Inoue with a right on the break. 1-2s landing. Two minutes in. Yanan clinches. Elbow upstairs. Inoue takes her to the fence. Left hand by Inoue. They separate, re-engage. They trade right hands near the fence. Left from Yanan. Two minutes to go.

Left hook and right cross by Inoue. 1-2. Yanan still doing well on the counter. Clinch right by Inoue. Hard 3-2. They trade and Inoue stuffs a shot. Right hand by Yanan. One minute to go. Inoue still marching forward, throwing 1-2s. Hard right from Yanan. Another. Elbow inside. Inoue with some right hands, eats one in return. 10-9 Inoue.

Final result: Inoue def. Wu by split decision

185 lbs.: Anthony Hernandez vs. Jun Yong Park

Round 1: Swinging big punches early. Left hook lands for Park. Stiff jabs, counter right. More combinations. Hernandez wings a flurry a minute in. Park combiantions in the center. Hernandez lands a combination, takes him to the fence. Park separates. Trading jabs. Hard right hand form Park two minutes in. Another right hand and another. Hernandez changes levels in response and takes him to the fence. Park holding onto a guillotine, lets go and separates. Hernandez flurries, takes him down. Hernandez looking for the back. Two minutes to go.

Park turns to face him, taken down again. Hernandez again looks for the back, can’t get it. Hard punches by Park as they separate. Hernandez tries to spin. He dgras Park to his seat with a minute to go. Park looking for a kimura, sweeps back to his feet. Trading heat when they resume. 10-9 Park.

Round 2: Park’s boxing edge continues to show itself as he lands combiantions. Good exchanges. Right hand by Hernandez, cracked by rights in return. Combination forces park back, Park hurts him with a left hook in return and forces a shot. One minute in. Park opening up on the fence. Hernandez punches his way out and takes him down on the fence. Park stands, grabs a guillotine. Hernandez with a 1-2 on the exit. Two minutes in. Counter right by Park and Hernandez shoots again, slamming him to the mat. Hernandez tries to transition to a guillotine on the way up, can’t, lands a right on the break. Both land hard, good flurry by Hernandez and he hits another takedown. Looking for the back with two minutes to go.

Both hooks in. Park rolling, eats punches. One minute to go. More GnP by Hernandez. While Park is on his knees, Hernandez transitions from a guillotine to an anaconda choek that forces a tap.

Final result: Hernandez def. Park by submission (anaconda choke)

135 lbs.: Andre Soukhamthath vs. Sumudaerji

Round 1: Sumudaerji opens with a side kick. Still throwing it. Straight right by Soukhamthath. He fakes a shot, takes a counter right a minute in. Low kick from Sumudaerji. Right hand inside from Soukhamthath. Sumudaerji lands a jab as he takes a body kick. Sumudaerji with a glancing hook kick to the head two minutes in. Soukhamthath shoots, takes him to the fence. Two minutes to go.

Soukhamthath still fighting for the takedown. Knee to the body by Sumudaerji. He separates. Low kick lands for him, then a straight left. One minute to go. Straight lefts from Sumudaerji again. 10-9 Sumudaerji.

Round 2: Sumudaerji tries another hook kick, denies a takedown. Counter knee. Jab upstairs. Hook exchange. Straight right by Soukhamthath and he shoots again, denied. One minute in. Sumudaerji to the body. Soukhamthath pressing forward, struggling to land. Two minutes in. Jabs by Sumudaerji. Straight left. Soukhamthath low kick. Right hand lands for him. Two minutes to go.

Right hook catches Soukhamthath. Soukhamthath swinging big punches, can’t connect. Double right. Straight left by Sumudaerji in return. Head kick attempt, straight left lands with a minute to go. Straight left again. Four-piece combination. Soukhamthath comes back with a straight right. Sumudaerji advancing, landing combinations. 10-9 Sumudaerji.

Round 3: Sumudaerji running circles around him, denies another takedown. More good punches. 1-2-1-2. One minute in. Sumudaerji catches a body kick and foot sweeps him into half guard. Solid punches. Soukhamthath regains guard two minutes in. Big elbows. Sumudaerji stands over him, drops more punches. One minute to go.

More ground-and-pound. Attempted scramble by Soukhamthath. One minute to go. More good punches by Sumudaerji. Soukhamthath stands in the waning seconds. 10-8 Sumudaerji.

Final result: Sumudaerji def. Soukhamthath by unanimous decision

205 lbs.: Da Un Jung vs. Khadis Ibragimov

Round 1: They stare for a while, then Ibragimov goes berserk, throwing a 20-second long flurry that Jung weathers. One minute in. Jung looking to jab. Ibragimov whiffing on counter rights. More jabs from Jung and a right cross. Two minutes in. Overhand right lands for Ibragimov. Jung continuing to land the jab, eats a combination. Another overhand by Ibragimov. BIG left hook hurts Jung and Ibragimov flurries again. Jung survives with two mintues to go.

Ibragimov re-ups his assault before changing levels. Good knees by Jung. They separate with a minute to go. Ibragimov looks spent, swinging from the hip. Jabs from Jung. Ibragimov’s nose looks busted. 10-9 Ibragimov.

Round 2: Jung pressing forward behind his jab. He’s far fresher than Ibragimov. More jabs piling up. Double right, good knee downstairs a minute in. Uppercut lands. Left hook exchange. Overhand right by Ibragimov. Hard 1-2 comes back at him. Ibragimov swings heat, misses two minutes in. Ibragimov still swinging big when he can as Jung picks away at him. Ibragimov exhausted. Two minutes to go.

Ibragimov looks for a single-leg. Going hard for it, completes it but can’t establish. Rear waist lock for him as Jung stands. Jung hits the switch, lands a knee as Ibragimov shoots again with a minute to go. Again can’t establish. Jung looks for a kimura, surrenders top position. He gets to a knee before the bell. 10-9 Jung.

Round 3: Jung continues to press forward behind his jab. Ibragimov wings some haymakers and puts him on the fence. Jung hits the switch a minute in. Ibragimov stays attached, muscles him down twice in a row. Jung pops back up again. As he defends against the fence, he wraps up a ninja choke that forces Ibragimov to tap.

Final result: Jung def. Ibragimov by submission (ninja choke)

155 lbs.: Damir Ismagulov vs. Thiago Moises

Round 1: Low kick from Moises, 1-2 from Ismagulov. Ismagulov leg kick. A pair of counters a minute in. Nobody committing to anything too big yet. Good exchange, Ismagulov to the body. Moises tries a head kick. Two minutes in. Both look for front kicks. Right cross from Moises connects and they trade low kicks. Ismagulov bouncing combos off of Moises’ guard. Body kick form Ismagulov. Two minutes to go.

Leg kick lands for him. Again. He’s outworking Moises even if he’s not landing much clean. Head kick attempts. 1-2 blocked with a minute to go. Good pressure by the Kazakh. Leg kick connects. Jab drops Moises as he steps in and Ismagulov stands over him, dropping hard punches to the head and body. Leg kicks as well. 10-9 Ismagulov.

Round 2: Leg kick from Moises to start. Counter right. Ismagulov tries to spin. Body shots from Ismagulov in return. Moises looking busier this round. One minute in. Low kicks by Ismagulov. Counter right by Moises and they trade in the center. More leg kicks from Ismagulov. Moises shoots in for a single-leg two minutes in. Ismagulov defends against the fence and gets underhooks before reversing. They separate. Moises shoots again and Ismagulov hits an immediate switch. Pressing Moises against the fence, lands a knee downstairs. Two minutes to go.

They separate. Moises tries a head kick, clips him with a jab and Ismagulov shoots. Moises swinging hard, starting to land. Leg kick connects. Ismagulov to the body. One minute to go. Big counter right by Ismagulov backs Moises off. Ismagulov shoots, takes him to the fence. They separate. Uppercut sneaks in for Ismagulov, spinning back kick blocked. 10-9 Ismagulov.

Round 3: Moises tries a high kick. Spinning back kick to the head form Ismagulov blocked. He tries a spinning back fist, also blocked. 1-2, takedown attempt denied. Low kick exchange. Moises fires a right, denies another takedown a minute in. Ismagulov tries a head kick. Body kick lands. 1-2 and they trade. Moises shoots, stuffed. 1-2 from Ismagulov in return, another leg kick. Hard lead right connects. Moises trying to spin. Ismagulov pressuring, lands a body kick. Counter right from Moises. Front kick appears to connect. Two minutes to go.

Ismaglov tries a single-leg, denied. Moises leg kick answered in kind. One minute to go. Moises abandons a shot. Body kick from Ismagulov. Spinning back kick by Moises. They trade in center cage. Ismagulov shoots at the last second. 10-9 Ismagulov.

Final result: Ismagulov def. Moises by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Alatengheili vs. Danaa Batgerel

Round 1: Tentative start to the fight. Hard right hand and 2-3 from Danaa as they exchange. One minute in. Danaa showing a jab. Alatengheili lands a hard lead right. Two minutes in. Kicks from Danaa blocked. Antoehr lead right from Alatengheili. Danaa falls short with some punches, tries a head kick. Lead right lands for him. Two minutes to go.

Quick exchange. Danaa flurries, doesn’t land clean. Danaa fires a jab, gets cracked by a counter right. Another right hurts Danaa, who continues to trade. one minute to go. Low kick from Danaa. He pushes forward with a flurry. Another counter right from Alatengheili. Danaa marches forward. 10-9 Alatengheili.

Round 2: Both fall short with early punches in the center. Jab from Alatengheili. One minute in. Counter right. Another right catches Danaa leaning in. Danaa comes back with a pair of overhands and a left hook. 1-2 appears to bother Alatengheili. Two minutes in. Alatengheili left hook, Danaa flurry. Danaa outworking him this round. Big counter right by Alatengheili. Two minutes to go.

Danaa tries a head kick, lands an overhand right. BIG counter right by Alatengheili, Danaa wears it well and comes back with his own right hand. He puts Alatengheili on the fence, lands an elbow on the break. One minute to go. Trading in the center. Right cross form Danaa near the fence. He shoots and hits an outside reap, can’t establish but lands in the clinch. 10-9 Batgerel.

Round 3: Trading punches in the early going. Overhand right by Danaa. Jabs landing. Hard 2-3 and he pursues with punches. Alatengheili shoots, stuffed. Shoots again, stuffed again. One minute in. Danaa continues to be the busier man and both land bombs. Uppercut by Danaa. Both land right crosses. Alatengheili with a harder one. BIG left hook by Danaa and an Yves Edwards-style knee as Alatengheili looks for a single-leg. Two minutes in. Alatengheili gets him down, then does so again when Danaa stands. Alatengheili on top in half guard. Now side control. Danaa goes to his knees, fires behind-the-back elbows. Two minutes to go.

Danaa struggling to stand, does so 30 minutes later. Alatengheili nearly drags him down again. Danaa’s left eye is a mess as Alatengheili keeps him against the fence. One minute to go. Outside trip into side control. Danaa trying to elbow off of his back as Alatengheili throws right hands. Danaa regains guard. Solid punches by Alatengheili. 10-9 Alatengheili.

Final result: Alatengheili def. Batgerel by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Lara Procopio vs. Karol Rosa

Round 1: Procopio opens with leg kicks. Rosa firing her jab in return, lands a right cross. Quick trade in the center. Good exchanges. Rosa adding her own leg kick. One minute in. Trading leg kicks. Rosa the sharper of the two so far. Procopio lands a right hand, tries to shoot, denied. 1-2 from Rosa lands clean. Another clean right hand after taking a teep. Another. Procopio plenty aggressive but getting picked off. Two minutes in. Right hand wobbles Procopio as she steps in. Rosa with some more leg kicks and jabs. Body kick by Procopio. Good right hand of her own but she can’t tie up. Two minutes to go.

Low-high 1-2 by Procopio. Rosa connects with another hard leg kick in return. Trading jabs. Right hand exchange. Both women landing in the center. Hard 2-1 from Procopio, body shot. She’s started to get momentum back. One minute to go. 2-3 connects. Leg kicks by Rosa, Procopio lands one in return. Procopio with a clean 1-2 and she shoots. 10-9 Rosa.

Round 2: Still trading heat. Rosa with the better early shots, denies a takedown attempt. Right hand counters a Procopio leg kick. Counter again. One minute in. Rosa again denies a shot. Procopio still advancing, lands an overhand right. Again. Right hand exchange. Low kick exchange, then punches. Rosa with a knee inside and they trade elbows. Two minutes in. Overhand right by Procopio. Low kick from Rosa. Four-piece by Procopio and she shoots, stuffed, can’t pull guard. Two minutes to go.

They trade knees inside after Procopio fails a shot. Right cross by Rosa. Big 2-1 by Procopio, then another overhand. Rosa denies a shot and kicks at her legs. One minute to go. They trade lefts. Trading shots, both land right hands. More exchanges. Rosa answers an overhand with a combo. Procopio’s been getting the better of the striking later in this round. 10-9 Procopio.

Round 3: The two go right back to exchanging punches and leg kicks. Counter combo lands for Rosa. 2-1 by Procopio met by heavy fire. Procopio continuing to march forward a minute in. The trades continue until Rosa drops Procopio with a nasty right hand. Procopio gets her wits back and Rosa stands, kicking at her legs. Rosa lands a knee as she stuffs a takedown. Procopio still pressing forward two minutes in. BIG 1-2 by Rosa. 1-2 and leg kick. Rosa in full control, digs a right downstairs. Two minutes to go.

Things slow down. Procopio counters a leg kick, eats a 1-2 and shoots. Rosa sprawls on it, lets her up. PRocopio shoots again with a minute to go, again unable to pull guard. Right hand by Procopio answered by a 2-1. Now Procopio landing a few punches. Rosa with a hard combination in the waning seconds. 10-9 Rosa.

Final result: Rosa def. Procopio by split decision

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