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Video shows Dana White consoling Daniel Cormier after loss to Stipe Miocic at UFC 241

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Daniel Cormier suffered just the second loss of his mixed martial arts (MMA) career at UFC 241 on Aug. 24, 2019 after getting knocked out by Stipe Miocic in their much-anticipated Heavyweight championship rematch.

Naturally, “DC” took the loss hard, which was amplified by the fact that both of his kids and his wife were front row and center for the bout. Afterward, a dejected Cormier was met in the locker room by none other than Dana White, who tried his best to encourage his former champ-champ. And the video footage — which was posted on reddit -- has been released.

“It was an incredible fight, incredible,” said Dana as he embraced Daniel. “I was winning the fight on all the cards. On every fucking card I was winning. I was winning all three rounds on two of them. I’m a fucking idiot,” responded “DC” as transcribed by

“Why are you an idiot? Listen man, Stipe came to fucking win. That dude was in great shape. He kept coming forward, you kept coming forward. You don’t see heavyweight fights like that where two fucking monsters just keep coming forward and fucking blasting each other the way that you were,” he said.

“It was an incredible fight. I know how you are and how competitive you are. You’re the fucking man, dude,” added White.

“I’m a competitive guy. It’s my gift and my curse,” Cormier continued. “You know like, by not accepting loss it makes you ensure you won’t do it very often. I think that’s what makes me so good at stuff, but also what makes the emotion run so freely whenever it doesn’t go the right way,” said “DC.”

“I can get a rematch if I wanted to. But that’s something I have to discuss with my team, my wife, and my kids,” he said. “My son, little Daniel, just asked me, ‘Dad, are you retired?’ And I told him I don't know. I said, ‘Would it make you upset if I was, and he said “no.’”

“He said I can spend more time with them, so we will see what happens.”

Daniel still hasn’t made a decision regarding his fighting career, and after losing his father earlier this week, “DC” has more important things on his mind at the moment, which means thoughts about retiring or fighting won’t be answered anytime soon.