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Screwy Henry Cejudo reads his UFC belts a bedtime story and changes their diapers

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Bend the knee!

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What’s great about this Henry Cejudo shtick, is that every time someone complains about “Triple C” going too far, the UFC two-division champion redoubles his efforts and makes the mixed martial arts (MMA) fan base cringe even harder.

Look no further than his latest Instagram video, where Cejudo is telling his championship belts a bedtime story, about a “brittle” ex-champion named Dominick Cruz. It seems “Dominator” was lucky enough to land on Cejudo’s latest list of enemy callouts.

“Dominick Cruz, I have a message for you,” Cejudo said. “I don’t know how you can say you’re the best in the world when you’re not even the best in the state of Arizona. Dominick Cruz, you can do me a favor and you can bend the knee to ‘Triple C’ too. And one last thing, wash your filthy dog!”

Cruz, like the surgically-repaired Cejudo, is out of action until 2020 after suffering a devastating shoulder injury. “Dominator” was once considered the greatest bantamweight of all time and routinely hovered near the top of the pound-for-pound rankings.

Unfortunately for “Triple C,” his calls for a tune-up fight are likely to fall on deaf ears. Promotion president, Dana White, has already ordered a flyweight title defense for Cejudo’s return, unless the former “Messenger” wants to surrender one of his straps.

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