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Yoel Romero plans on winning wager with Jorge Masvidal: ‘You push me very hard’

Jorge Masvidal is closing in on a world title shot, but Yoel Romero still hopes to get there first.

Jorge Masvidal churned out a career-high 2019 and Yoel Romero looks to close the gap.

The two Cuban fighters have developed a close friendship over the years. Masvidal and Romero once made a wager: whoever wins the UFC belt first in 2019, the other fighter must cover an all-expense-paid trip to Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic. It doesn’t look like either fighter will secure a title shot this year, but Masvidal is knocking on the door with emphatic knockouts of Darren Till and Ben Askren.

“I’m very, very happy for my brother. When we went out for the reality show in the Dominican Republic, we talked about our careers. We said we need to do something big this year,” Romero exclusively told “He goes and knocks out the big guy from England, Darren Till. Then he did it again, he knocked out Ben Askren. He has the record [for fasted UFC knockout] with five seconds. I called him and said, ‘hey, you push me very hard but believe me I’ll do it too.’ Now I’ve come back and I’m very excited to follow him.”

Romero was unwilling to commit to one more fight in 2019 when asked. “The Soldier of God” fights Paulo Costa on the main card of UFC 241 tomorrow (Sat., Aug. 18) in Anaheim, California. will be live on the ground for live updates and post-fight coverage.

[Author’s Note: Some quotes were condensed or altered for clarity]

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