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UFC video: Nate Diaz can’t wait to get his hands on ‘Wheaties box dude’ Anthony Pettis

The UFC has released its preview video for Diaz vs. Pettis at UFC 241, and it delves into the beef between the two fighters.

When the UFC announced Anthony Pettis vs. Nate Diaz for UFC 241 on August 17th, it excited a whole lot of fans. We haven’t seen Nate Diaz fight in the cage since his two record-shattering fights against Conor McGregor back in 2016. And to see him return against a stylistically exciting fighter like Anthony Pettis? Perfection.

But did you know that Diaz and Pettis have beef that runs all the way back to when Pettis was the UFC lightweight champ in 2013? The UFC’s new fight preview video lays out their feud and how it led to Nate Diaz mocking Pettis as “Wheaties box dude.”

Unsurprisingly, it involves Pettis defeating Nate’s Skrap Pack brother Gilbert Melendez and then getting all the love from the UFC that Nate never got. As he famously told Conor McGregor, ‘you’re taking everything I worked for, motherf**ker!’

Diaz will have a chance to get his revenge five years later at UFC 241, which is headlined by a rematch between heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic. Cormier was the man who took the belt off Stipe in the first round, and Miocic plans on making things much harder on the former Olympic wrestler this time around.

It all goes down on pay-per-view through the ESPN+ platform, so make sure to sign up if you wanna see these wars go down.

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