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Pics: Perry undergoes nose surgery following painful UFC Uruguay loss

The one question everyone has after Perry’s split decision loss to Vicente Luque: How’s his nose? Here’s the update.

It was a hard night of fighting for “Platinum” Mike Perry in Uruguay on Saturday night. For all his talk of becoming a more tactical fighter (and we do see the improvements), the Florida fighter continues to get dragged into violent striking affairs that leave him busted up. Against Vicente Luque, it was a huge flying knee in the third round that caved in his nose, leaving him looking pretty monstrous.

Take a look at the damage:

Unfortunately for Perry, the damage taken was enough to hand Luque a split decision win — although it also earned both men Fight of the Night performance bonuses as well. Silver lining there too. Following the win, ESPN reports that “Platinum” was taken to the hospital where he underwent nose surgery to fix the damage. That took a bit longer than usual as doctors had to make repairs from previous breaks ... ah, the life of a warrior. Do you want to be a f**kin’ fighter??

Win or lose, his wife Danielle was still proud of his efforts. She shared a cute moment as Perry got into the cage where he swept her up in his arms and gave her a kiss.

”Words cannot explain how proud of you I am,” she wrote. “No matter what the outcome is I will always be in your corner. This sport is the most unforgiving and brutal. We have always said we need to make a shirt that says ‘You get f**ked up doing this s**t!!’ Because that is the truth. Growth is what we strive for though and you have grown so much over this short almost 3 year span in the UFC.”

”Thank you to everyone sending positivity, love, prayers, and good vibes our way.”

Perry drops to 13-5 (6-5 UFC) with the loss to Luque. Luque improves to 17-6 (10-2 UFC) and is now sitting on a six fight win streak. His nose also didn’t have to get sucked out of the back of his skull with a toilet plunger, so he’s got that going for him too which is nice.

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